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Blackout Poetry

An Introduction

Sarah McCann

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Blackout Poetry

Give a brief summary of your blackout poem. What are you trying to express?
Who is the speaker of your poem?
What is the tone of your poem? [Tone is the author’s attitude toward the subject.]
What words and phrases help to express the tone of your poem? [word choice]
What was your favorite part about the blackout poetry project? Explain.
If you could do this project again, what would you do differently? Why?
How do you feel about the overall piece and how it came together?
If you had to include one image to represent your poem, what would it be? Explain your choice based on details from your poem.

Blackout Poetry Reflection

Using ONLY a PENCIL, closely re-read and LIGHTLY CIRCLE or UNDERLINE the words you want TO KEEP.
Read over your “poem” AGAIN carefully to make sure it makes sense and has the right tone.
When you are completely satisfied with your work, take a black marker and begin redacting [blacking out] all of the words EXCEPT FOR THE CIRCLED WORDS.
Now, read over your poem for clarity and share it with another student!
Remember: Your poem will be read left to right and top to bottom. Don't confuse your reader.

It’s time to begin…

DON'T read the article or passage right away. Instead, scan and look for an "anchor" word - a word that jumps out at you. That word will help guide the direction of the poem.

After you have your anchor word, then read the full text, looking for connecting words.

Realize that some articles / pages just won't work. Don't fret. Just move on to another slice of text.

So, how do I “write” this poem?

poetry potion.com


"Mud on the Tires, Ink on My Hands." : Blackout Poetry.

Now, if you are really creative, your poem might look like this:

Alec Essefic

Furtive Labors

"Blackout poetry" is poetry made by redacting [blacking out] the words on a page from a book, newspaper, magazine, or website with a permanent marker, leaving behind only a few choice words to make a poem.

What is “Blackout Poetry?”

Tom Phillips


Write a brief response to each of the bullet points below. You must use complete sentences.
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