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O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

No description

Daniella Zuccheri

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer A Brief Story Coty, Inc. Variety of Colors
Fast-Drying Product Attributes Services Offered OPI is the preference! Our Brand Equity? 1904 French Perfume OPI top 10 brands A "Give Back" company O.P.I. was originally a dental supply company called Odontorium Products Inc. until partnership with a chemist led them into the world of acrylic nails. Fun Fact #1: Print Ads Product Promotion Distribution Channels Product Accessibility Distributor Benefits Order Process Product Shipping Details Interactive Website and App Pop Culture Relevance The Holiday Collections Creative Campaign Traditions 2011 2012 My OPI OPI Pro Contact Us Page In 2003, OPI launched a nail polish line for dogs called "Pawlish" Fun Fact #2: Geographic Market Analysis Product Usage OPI is currently engaged in a mass marketing approach, with a broad focus on women in general. Target Market Approach Consumer Characteristics The Who, Why, and When Product Positioning Brand Name Trendy Social Media Sensation Consumer Profile OPI has donated $25,000 to the Susan G. Komen for the cure, as well as developed a pair of polishes for 2012 Pink of Hearts program. Fun Fact #3: OPI produces 55 million bottles of nail polish per year Fun Fact #4: Demographics Single or engaged female, post-grad
Age 22-32
Urban, Suburban
Middle Class Income Psychographics Fashion forward
Cares about body image
Enjoys popular music, but loves the classics
In a customer-related job position
Social butterfly Primary Target Secondary Target Demographics Single female college-goer
Age 18-21
Urban, Suburban Psychographics Attends social events
Active, health-conscious
Regularly goes to school games
Has a part-time job Attitudes Classy Towards the Brand Towards the Category Trendy Salon-quality Serious decision "An Art" Perfect color is everything Radian6 Says... Radian6 Insights Streamlined decision-making and purchasing process Good room for improvement in color searching ease Avon The Competition Revlon Determine what attributes are most important in the nail polish buying decision Research Objectives Markets Served Attributes Services Offered Promotion Strengths & Weaknesses Analyze product’s positioning versus competitors Explore consumer’s purchasing habits Assess current OPI awareness levels Sample Survey Results 623 Respondents
16 Questions
459 Usable Results OPI is a very well-respected and adored brand in nail polish Overall Results and Opportunity OPI isn't just finding and wearing a pretty color; it stands for confidence and having control even over the little things. Our Key Insight It is primarily bought by a younger demographic, though it does have a strong older generation market as well Color choices, and the ease of finding them, are OPI's biggest opportunity Beginning sales in retailers and grocery should be considered “@ParagonSalonHI – Our favorite OPI nail color of the week.

“@imbrogliono - They make James Bond themed nail polish and I want
them because vain girl nerd.” “@Fashionising (Fashion Trends Blog Twitter) - Nail polish for a Bond girl:
the Skyfall collection from OPI goo.gl/fb/r4163 #fashion” “@nextstepbeauty - OPI Named Best Polish by Glamour - This
month, Glamour magazine named OPI the best nail polish
brand from a... fb.me/1IGfdf8dz” The Holiday collections are a hit and should definitely be pushed more in marketing Radian6 Says More... TRENDS WIDGET FOR ‘NAIL’

PEAKS: The most valuable time to reach our consumer will be midday or in the afternoon. INFLUENCERS BLOGS: OPI Named Best Polish by Glamour via
http://www.nailsmag.com/ Glamour named OPI the best nail polish brand from a specialty store
or salon in its October 2012 issue, which featured the magazine's
eighth annual beauty awards. JILL ZARIN VIA TWITTER (TV Personality, Fashion Designer, Brand Expert, Brand and Marketing Consultant, Author,
Public Speaker, JillZarin.com, JZJewelry.com)
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