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The Secret Life of Bees

by Sue Monk Kidd New York Times Best Seller List

Kathy Shine

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of The Secret Life of Bees

Setting Tiburon, South Carolina 1964 Boatwright residence Sylvan, South Carolina Characters Lily Melissa Owens narrator
14 years old
August Boatwright middle aged black woman
honey/beeswax manufacturer
creates an alternate religion around a statue of a black Mary

"The Calendar Sisters" 28 acre farm
pink house
Rosaleen Daise Lily's nanny & first friend
proud & determined yet uncouth
black woman
travels with Lily Deborah Fontanel Lily's mother
accidentally shot by her 4 year old daughter
spirited & lively yet not willing to act as a responsible mother
left her husband & daughter
Zach Taylor Lily's best friend &
romantic interest
junior in high school
self-reliant T. Ray Owens Lily's father
peach farmer
passionately loved Deborah
became bitter & abusive June Boatwright part owner of the farm
at first resentful of Lily
in love with Neil but will not marry him
stubborn, strong-headed yet kind & caring May Boatwright friend & roommate to Rosaleen
sensitive & prone to depression
warm person
eventually kills herself
"Wailing Wall" May's special place Neil one of the few men in the novel portrayed as kind
helps around the farm
wants to marry June The Daughters of Mary a group of African American women
created a religion around the Black Madonna Owens' hometown Boatwrights' hometown
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