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The Writing Process

The Writing Process Presentation for EDU 623

Shawn Christie

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Writing Process

The Writing Process Pre-writing Pre-writing Choose your Topic
What are you writing about? Consider your purpose
Why are you writing? Consider your audience
Who are you writing for? Consider your form
How are you going to write about your topic? Publishing Drafting Revising Editing - Pick a topic that is interesting to you
- Something that you know about or
would like to know more about - To entertain
- To inform
- To persuade - For yourself
- Classmates
- Younger children
- Parents
- Children's author
- Pen pal
How do you need to write for these different groups? What do they need to know? - Informational
- Journals and letters
- Persuasive
- Poetry
- Story Which form is best for the writing you are doing? Gather and Organize Ideas What do you know about your topic?
How are you going to present the topic? - Read books
- Take field trips
- Watch videos - Use a graphic organizer Write without worry When writing a draft, focus on the ideas, not the mechanics or errors Skip lines Skipping lines makes drafting and revising easier. Clarify and Refine your ideas - Add, substitute, delete or move ideas to make your writing clear for the reader. Revision: "Seeing again" Re-read your work and share your work with your writing group to identify where changes are needed.

On occasion, I will meet with you to discuss your work.

Make the revisions that are identified. Proof Reading - Read slowly
- Locate and identify errors Get Distance Take time before editing your work. Correcting Errors Make the corrections to your writing that you have located during proof reading. Making Final Copies
of your writing Turn your writing into a book. The Author's Chair Read and discuss your story for the class Sharing Writing Share your writing with a larger audience - Send to pen pal, author, or friend
- Read it at a school assembly
- Perform as a play
- Post it on a e-zine
and many more! By Shawn Christie Keep Writing! The End Review Quiz 1. Name the five steps in the writing process 5. What do before beginning to write? 3. How can you publish your work? 4. What does revising mean? 2. Why do you skip lines during drafting?
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