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Introduction to Gospel Webquest Prezi

No description

GT Chang

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Gospel Webquest Prezi

Introduction to the Gospels Webquest
Here is your task:
Today, you are a professional blogger.

Your boss (who might be you because you're writing on a blog) has asked you to write an informative blog about one of the four Gospels.

Here are the main questions you will be answering in your blog entry:

1. What do we know about this Gospel writer?
2. When and where did he write the book?
3. What unique purpose did this Gospel writer have?.
4. What unique perspective does this Gospel writer give about who Jesus is?
5. What are the main events that happened in this gospel?

You will create a Prezi using a pre-made template
answering the questions.
Step One
So, now you know what you'll be doing today. But, how will you do it? This part of the webquest will guide you through a process to complete the blog entry.

Open up a FREE Prezi account using your school email. Choose a template to work with and begin creating frames with the following
titles for only ONE of the four gospels:
For the book of
a. Author
b. Date and Place of Writing
c. Recipients (whom he is writing to)
d. Purpose
e. Outline (List the 8 main bullet points.)

Step One conclusion
For the book of
: For the book of
a. Author a. Author
b. Recipient (whom he is writing to) b. Date
c. Date and Place of Writing c. Purpose and Emphases
d. Characteristics d. Outline (List 7 main bullet points.)
e. Sources
f. Purpose
g. Plan
h. Outline (List the 8 main bullet points.)
Turning in and Grading
Turn in your Prezi on Google Classroom by November 29, Sunday at midnight.
Rubric is below.
As you probably already know, there are four books in the Bible that describe the life of Jesus. We call these books "Gospels," which simply means "good news." We call the individual books "Matthew," "Mark," "Luke," and "John." They are each named after the person who wrote them. When and where did they write these books? Who were they writing to and what was their purpose for writing? In this webquest, you will explore some websites that can help us answer some of these questions.
Once you're done reading this paragraph,
please proceed to the next slide.
As we've already stated, the four Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The overarching question of this webquest is this:

Who were the authors of the gospels writing to and what was their main purpose for writing?

What is good about having four different stories that tell us about Jesus' life?
Once you're done
reading this, please advance to the next frame.
Step One continued
For the book of
a. Author
b. Date of Composition (Writing)
c. Place of Origin
d. Recipients (whom he is writing to)
e. Occasion and Purpose
f. Emphases
g. Outline (List 7 main bullet points.)

1. Do not just cut and paste. You must put the text into your own words (
2. Each frame must have an
you have inserted.
3. Use the following website and any additional websites (including Chinese ones) to make your presentation informative and interesting. You are not required to use more than the following one website.

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