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Positive & Proactive Attitude In The Workplace

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courtney coley

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Positive & Proactive Attitude In The Workplace

Workforce Behaviors
Positive and Proactive Attitude is when you think positive. if you have a good outlook on life, then, most likely you will have a good one. its just like with a test, or a meeting if you're thinking, 'Ok, let's just get this thing over with, it's wasting my time, anyways!!!', or, 'This is going to be the worst, uggghh.!!', Then you probably aren't going to do so good on it.
Being proactive also means you take the initiative to make things happen, believe they will, and then make them happen. Benefits are, you might finally get that job you've been wanting, instead of the company hiring someone else; , . for instance.
Positive & Proactive Attitude In The Workplace
Makes A Positive Attitude
Proactive Attitude
appropriate dress in the workplace is when you look prepared, professional, and ready to work. Or, like some, if your work has a dress code, you meet those requirements within that dress code. Keep it refined. don't show cleavage, or your torso, don't wear ANYTHING that comes three inches above the knee. Also something to keep in mind, some people judge you based on your appearance.
Appropriate Dress In The Workplace
Inappropriate Dress in the workplace is, in example khakis, and tank tops. Unless you're going to the beach, or to wal mart, then don't wear them. Items that show your midriff, are too tight, show cleavage, or, are too revealing, are considered inappropriate. Shirts with offensive logos, words, gangs, etc. are not allowed. Pants with rips aren't acceptable either for male, or female. Go with your best judgment on clothes.
Inappropriate Dress
Time Management
Time Management
Time Management
Time Management is a journey. A long one. You need goals, you need guides, and you need planners. You need to develop effective strategies on using time. Some strategies are listed below. Blocks of study time are helpful, so you don’t get so overwhelmed in homework that you forget to study. Dedicated study spaces so you don’t have to remember where you left your calculator or your eraser. Weekly reviews so you can quiz yourself on what you learned over the week. Prioritize assignments. If you prioritize your assignments, then you wont be able to say oh, my dog ate my half-finished essay, because I gave it to him, or, because I didn’t know it was due today. These are just a few reasons, or examples of how you can manage your time.
Time Management
Sexual Harassment and violence in the workplace
Workplace Violence is the threat, or act of being violent, against workers, coworkers, and/or clients or customers, all, of course in the workplace. Occurring at many places, at or out of the workplace, and is not limited to physical and psychological abuse. When it comes to workplace violence and sexual harassment, no one is invulnerable, or immune. There are workers that are at higher risks to sexual, physical harassment, and to workplace violence. Those kinds of people are the ones who work alone, or work in small groups, money given to the public, or those who work late nights or early mornings. It could also be people who are delivery people. An example: Pizza delivery people. Workplace violence occurs for many reasons, but the most important or prominent of those reasons are, robberies, personality conflicts, or even domestic, or household violence. Murder is the leading cause for death, on the job. Sexual Harassment usually suggests unwanted/unwelcome touches, advances, verbal and physical behavior of a sexual nature, or even requests for favors. The victim and the attacker, or assaulter can be of either sex, male or female. Sexual Harassment is generally an issue of power. There are two types of sexual harassment, Quid Pro Quo, and Hostile Environment Harassment. Quid Pro Quo happens when one person makes unwelcome advances toward person # 2, while offering rewards such as pay raise, or they could also threaten them by saying they will fire them if they don’t comply. Hostile Environment Harassment is behavior that makes an atmosphere awkward enough to interfere with their work.
Diversity In The Workplace
Diversity is the mentioning of the factors that make people different and unique. Workplace diversity is respecting the individual qualities that your co-workers add as a team. When diversity is supported it helps people have their own individuality like they aren’t made to change how they think, act, speak or even how they live, in order to be more like the crowd. As in: go with the flow. The corners of diversity spread to racial and cultural heritage, languages, religions, genders, age, and disabilities. Even though there are laws to prevent diversity and discrimination from happening in the workplace, people still find loopholes and ways to get around it. Discrimination is treating people differently on the foundation of race, how they live their life, and, among many others, age, and gender. An example is of the Civil Rights Movement, 9/11, and what caused World War 2. Diversity is a variation of differences between people. Benefits from diversity, are you can be more flexible at work, you can haves a bigger and better assistance, (as in languages, cultures, etc.), broader viewpoints, and many more than effective accomplishments.
Dependability in The Workplace means a person that you can rely on through thick and thin, through the ups and the downs., reliability, able to be trusted to do or work on what is necessary while the boss is away.. What you do even if you aren't expected to do it.
Dependability in the workplace
Safety is a part of dependability
Honesty and Integrity in The Workplace
Honesty is respected and appreciated in every business consultation between coworkers, customers, bosses boss, or even clients. It is a basic and primary need in the workplace because it establishes an air of trust and confidence. Integrity is like a lesson. It stems from workers being honest with themselves, completing things on time, honoring promises and/or debts keeping them, and if accomplished steadily, builds good reputation and respect.

Work Ethics
There are five Characteristics of good work ethic. Those five are: Reliability, Dedication, Productivity, Cooperation, and Character. Reliability is part of a good work ethic, they go together. If people with a good work ethic say they will attend a work function or/and get there at a specific time, then they probably will because they, (most of them) hold in high regard, or treasure punctuality. Dedication, people with good work ethic are dedicated to their work, and will do anything in their power to make sure that they perform well. Productivity. Those with good work ethic work at such a fast pace, that they are usually highly productive. Cooperation. Cooperative work is highly beneficial in the business environment, something that those with a strong work ethic know about well. Character. Those with a good work ethic often possess a great, or a strong character.
A Positive Mind..
Embracing Diversity...
...will help you to understand it
What is Work Ethic?
Workforce essentials
Courtney Coley
Career Preparedness
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