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A Cry From Egypt

No description

Vea Enolva

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of A Cry From Egypt

My evidence is when Yahweh sent Moses to free his people the Pharoh didn't listen to him at first. So Yahweh and Moses cause 10 plagues against the Egyptians.
A Cry From Egypt
Ada (loyal, Caring)
Jarah (Brave,determine)
Yahweh (powerful, Caring)
By: Hope Aurer


Place: Jarah house and Royal palace.

Environment: dusty,sandy

Village: Small and dirty

Palace: Clean and Big
Theme :Never give up

Rising action:
Moses comes back to Egypt saying Yahweh has sent him to let his people go, but the pharaoh didn't listen causing Moses to do plagues.

Falling action: During the last plague the pharaoh's son died causing him to soften his heart and letting the Hebrew's go.
Man V.S Society
The Point of view in this story is 3rd person. I know this because the author that wrote this story used names it wouldn't just say

It is omniscient because it transitions to other charecters in the book and we know only a littel bit of the charecters .

What decisions does your main character face?
Jarah has to face on trying to believe in Yahweh or not, but trough out the story she is starting to believe more in Yahweh.
How do the side characters influence her?
Her dad and Eitan told her to keep working and trusting Yahweh. And also that one day she and her family will be free.
How does she influence the side characters?
Jarah influences the side characters to also keep believing in Yahweh and keep trying their best to survive the day.
Characters Continued.....
Pharoh (Fearless, selfish)

My evidence is when Yahweh sent Moses to free his people the Pharaoh didn't listen to him at first. So Yahweh and Moses cause 10 plagues against the Egyptians.
We can connect Jarah to Martin Luther King Jr. I can connect them because even though Matin Luther king Jr. knew people wouldn't agree with his action he still continued to do them. Like how Jarah stayed with Amissa even though the Egyptian soldier told her not to and coninued to work.

My group rate this book 5 out of 5 because we love how we got to learn about the past and how we can reflect of how the world change in the past to the present.

The Theme of the story will be never give up because even though the Hebrews had to sufer they never stop giving up because they knew they had someone to be their for them just like Jarah. She had her family to support her and to be their when ever she felt like giving up or cry.
Theme :
Exposition :
Jarah was running from egyptian soldiers so she wouldn't get whipped. Soon after we learned that it was just a dream
Conclusion: If you wanna know what happen in the end you have to read the book.

Climax: The last plague caused the death of every Egyptians first son. The reason the hebrews first son didn't die was because they prepared a special l meal and put blood over their doors.
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