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Career Project

For my career project I chose air traffic controller. I chose this career because I love working with technology and other people. I am also able to make sure people stay safe by helping the plane take-off and land.

Kolt Woofter

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Project

Air Traffic Controllers Job Description Use radar, GPS,and other visual equipment
Use radios to communicate with pilots
Control people on ground
Space planes apart Salary
Average Yearly Salary $106,000
Average 13 sick days
Average 26 paid vacation days
Outlook Very few right now
Have to pass course
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans to hire 17,000 controllers in next few years Education 4 years of college or 3 years of experience
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) offers 2-4 year aviaton degree instead of going to regular college. Requirements Coordination
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