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What is the purpose of the Declaration of Independence as st

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James Seekel

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of What is the purpose of the Declaration of Independence as st

Declaration of Independence Activity

What groups did the Continental Congress hope to sway by this document?
Jefferson’s philosophy of government.
3 grievances against George III and the English government that Jefferson lists in the Declaration. State one British action which may have prompted the complaint.
What legal means of protest did the colonists take to convince the British to change their ways?
According to Jefferson, what is the purpose of a government?
To secure citizens freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
According to Jefferson, what should be done if a government fails to fulfill its purpose?
According to Thomas Jefferson, if the government fails to fulfill it's full purpose, the people have the right/duty, to get rid of those in the government and choose others to fill the spots.
What is the purpose of the Declaration of Independence as stated in the introductory paragraph?
How did the British respond to these complaints?
The British respondedto these copmpaints of the colonists by sending there army to arrest anyone that opposed the goverment and use force if it was necessary.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
The purpose of the declaration of independence is to state that they are no longer going to be apart of Great Britain and seperate themselves and list issues on what the king is doing wrong and how the people are being opressed.
Groups that the Continental Congress Hope to sway by this document were the British, the colonists, and potential European allies. The continental congress wrote the document to tell the British to get out so the 13 colonies could soon become the USA. So congress wanted to sway the British Monarchy.
Jefferson was an advocate of limited government. "The best government is one that governs least" is attributed to him. He, along with several others in the early years of the United States, was concerned about setting up a centralized government that would have far-reaching powers. He was very hesitant about supporting the Constitution, and was instrumental in having the Bill of Rights be part of it.

1. refused to allow colonists or hindered their right to representation --he refused to assent to laws made by colonies; called legislative bodies to meet in places of his convenience, distant from their materials and homes to force them to agree to his measures; dissolved houses of representation for opposing his invasion of their rights, and then refused re-election of those houses
2. made judges answer to the crown for employment and salary (so making the judiciary a tool of the crown and more powerful than the elected representatives)
3. kept standing armies in times of peace (a sign of autocracy) without legislative approval of colonies
The colonists took many ways to try and persaude the British of their ways but there were few legal terms. One legal term was that they wrote a letter stating there opinions on why they were protesting and how thwy thought the British should change for the better.
What conclusion did Jefferson then draw?
Jefferson drew up a letter to the British that stated that they are no longer a part of the British government. He also stated that the British government was oppressing there people.
What sacrifices were the signers willing to make to gain their independence?
The Singers were willing to sacrifice there loyalty to there country and risk there lives to the British army from there desertion of Great Britian.
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