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Latvia and the Jewish Community

A general overview of Latvia and Jewish life - for DC

Jennifer Berman

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Latvia and the Jewish Community

If the Baltic's were a sandwich,
we'd be the meat. Where's Latvia? Latvian is a language. We live in Riga Basketball and Ice Hockey the centre of Jewish life in Riga. Jewish organizations, creative groups, clubs and studios work in the community house; museum “Jews in Latvia”, library, youth and community centers.

8,000 Jews
South of Estonia

East of Sweden

West of Russia

North of Lithuania People also speak:
Russian, English, and some Lithuanian, The capital city and the largest city of the Baltic States

Riga lies on the Gulf of Riga, which flows to the Baltic Sea

We will be the European Capital of Culture in 2014
ARE HUGE! Riga Jewish Community Latvia Dinamo Riga is our pro ice hockey team, established in '08.

We hosted the Men's World Ice Hockey Championship in '06.
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