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Bob Weekes

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of M4:U1:L10

Warm-up: Take out a new food chain chart.
• Sunlight for the oak tree to grow (Ch. 20)
• Oak tree makes acorns which the pigs eat (Ch. 20)

• Pigs root (dig) at the base of oak trees for acorns, roots,
and grubs (Ch. 20)
• Hunters wait for the wild pigs and then shoot them with a rifle (Ch. 20)

• Animal carcass is hung on a tree and the guts are removed (Ch. 20)
• Animal is “dressed” (skin is taken off) (Ch. 20)
• Animal is butchered to take out pieces that will be used as food (Ch. 20)

• Hunted animal is dragged by the hunter to his/her car (Ch. 20)
• Boar prosciutto, salami (Ch. 20)
• Might feel bad about killing a living creature (Ch. 20)

He felt pride for doing it and he felt “relief too, that the deed was done, thank God, and didn’t need to be done again.” He also felt “thankfulness” for good fortune in being successful, to Angelo for helping him and to the pig. He also felt “absolutely terrific.”
Sorrow or remorse.”
“Because the pig’s internal organs looked exactly like human organs.”
Because he began to feel sick and needed “a breath of fresh air.”
Because it reminds us of our own death.
He feels “ashamed” that he took pleasure and felt “joy” over killing another creature.
“What exactly is the joy of hunting?”
“I felt regret about killing that pig.” He explains that he feels regret because the pig was a living creature just like himself.
“The seriousness of what they are doing and never treat it lightly.”
Read Chapter 21
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