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Synergy Crossbow

~ ~ AS project by Zoe, Ronald, and Jamie

Jamie Bu

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Synergy Crossbow

AS Launcher project
by Zoe, Ronald, and Jamie Purpose of the Project To launch a ping-pong ball the farthest distance in the air
The ping pong ball cannot be damaged when it lands on the ground Our Ideas Trebuchet Crossbow Slingshot Trebuchet Slingshot Crossbow ~ Crossbow ~
History & Evolution Impact on Society Modern Uses Q & A Scientific research, for example, blubber biopsy Hunting, although illegal in quite a few countries Our Design A combination of a crossbow and a slingshot, called a slingshot-crossbow. + A SLING-CROSS-SHOT-BOW???? appeared in 4th century CE in ancient Greece & China
the trebuchet is a type of catapult, but it uses a counterweight instead of torsion
a trebuchet is more accurate, and has a longer distance range and load capacity than the catapult
uses a sling to hurl objects

invented in ancient times
uses tension from elastic bands to fling objects
some modern slingshots can go as far as over 200 yards
invented in ancient China and Greece
crossbows could shoot farther than the longbow
some crossbows had microscopic sights (magnifying glass) to increase accuracy

^Da Vinci's design of a crossbow used to shoot poisoned or flaming arrows
crossbows had triggers which released the arrows when clicked, so the shooter didn't have hold on to the string
~ Sources ~


invented by the ancient Greeks and ancient Chinese
in Europe, it was an evolved form of the ballista
crossbow was easier for shooters because it required only a week of training to be used properly, unlike the bow and arrow
crossbows were later improved and could shoot several arrows at once
in the olden days, the use of crossbows played a major role in warfare in Europe and eastern Asia
interesting fact: many crossbows were found buried with the Terra Cotta army in Qin Shi Huang Di's tomb the crossbow was a very effective killing weapon long ago that the pope actually had to ban the use of crossbows against Christians
the crossbow was also used in a very dangerous sport in which people used it to shoot off apples on top of other people's heads, which was so dangerous and the practice was eventually abolished
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