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Religions in East Asia: Buddhism & Neo-Confucianism

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Steph Gorges

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Religions in East Asia: Buddhism & Neo-Confucianism

Types of Buddhism Buddhism Persecution Zhu Xi Philosopher & writer
Wrote Family Rituals - focused on proper social roles What religions were prevalent in East Asia? Religion in East Asia Theravada Buddhism
Initial sect
Goal to achieve Nirvana
Buddha's Teachings Accepted by Tang Taizong
840 CE Persecution:
Close Buddhist monasteries
Also Christian churches and Zoroastrian temples
Return to Chinese beliefs Neo-Confucianism Further breakdown of Mahayana
Buddhism w/Chinese characteristics
Sinification - modify by Chinese characteristics
Dharma = Dao
Nirvana = Wu wei
Focus on reaching enlightenment through meditation like Buddha did
Influenced by Daoism Chan (Zen) Buddhism Blending or fusion of differing systems of religious or philosophical beliefs Syncretism Human rationalism
Study laws of nature (Plato-like)
Five key relationships
Social order (warrior, farmer, artisans, merchants)
Chinese history & ethnocentricism
Rejection of Buddhism & outsiders Mahayana Buddhism:
"Greater Raft" - open to common people vs. monastic lifestyle
Expansion of traditional Buddhist belief
GOAL: Become a Bodhisattva (instead of entering Nirvana & helping others reach Enlightenment) Mahayana Buddhism Looking at DBQ documents:
What were your thesis statements?
How did you group your documents? Entered during Han Dynasty via Silk Roads
Rose after Han collapse
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