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Student Web 2.0 Research

This Prezi was created for a teacher professional development. Its goal is to help teachers help students to use Web 2.0 tools to strengthen 21st Century literacy

Gretel Patch

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Student Web 2.0 Research

Organize Search Google Search Education http://www.google.com/insidesearch/searcheducation/index.html
Help students become power searchers through these tools, lesson plans, challenges, and activities Annotate POWER Student Research Help students use Web 2.0 tools
to strengthen 21st Century literacy SweetSearch
Search engine for students that searches only websites that have been reviewed by librarians, teachers, and research experts Library Databases https://sites.google.com/a/lsnepal.com/lincoln-school-library/databases
Our library subscribes to several databases that can greatly enhance student research. Visit the library page for login details. See http://goo.gl/0IY87 for more search tools Information Analysis Presentation Critical Thinking Organization Retention Learning Application Connection Synthesizing Structure Collaboration Diigo
This must-have versatile tool helps students organize, highlight, categorize, annotate, and share their research. Be sure to install the web extensions/plug-ins for your browser. Evernote
This note-taking tool can capture anything (such as images, web-clippings, or links) and can be accessed anywhere from any device (using their apps). It makes finding things fast and easy. See http://goo.gl/0IY87 for more organization tools MindMup
This free open-source mindmapping tool syncs with Google Drive and requires no additional sign up. Students can create mindmaps to categorize research and attach images, links, or notes. Google Drive
We all know the bare basics of Google Drive, but have you really used these tools with students for true collaboration, editing, and feedback? Learn something new! Tips to supercharge your Google Drive experience and improve student learning : http://goo.gl/QXYkK Tips & Tricks for students
http://goo.gl/QrujD Student assignments
http://goo.gl/Ucb60 Paperless classroom
http://goo.gl/NEfOa Google Tools for Schools
http://goo.gl/ZFj6D Distribute assignment with shared folders By Gretel Patch
http://www.gretelpatch.com This was created as a Professional Development activity for teachers. Find the supporting lesson plan at http://goo.gl/WdW7o
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