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digestive system and muscula system

No description

Patrick Golden

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of digestive system and muscula system

digestive and muscular systems By: Patrick Golden, Kyle Flynn, and Anthony decastro functions of the muscular systam Because muscles cells can only contrast,
not extend, skeletal muscles must work in
pairs. While one muscle contracts the
other muscles in the pair returns to its
original length. Organs of the muscular system. Bicepts Tricepts Muscular Dystrophy 1. Weaking of voulantary muscles that control your arms 2. weaking of head, neck, and face muscles, which may result in
having hollow, lower weakening of muscles of hollow internal organs such as these in the
digestive tract and the uterus.
Frontal balding in men Mild dibeates Organs of the digestive system Mouth, esophagus, large intestine,
small intestine, rectum, anus. Functions of the digestive system First, it breaks down food into molcules
body course. Then, the molculesare
obsorbed into the bloodand carried
throughout the body. Finally, waste are
eliminated from the body. Stomach Ulcer It is caused by a bacterium known as
helicobacter pylon Regular and prolunged use of inflamatory
medicines are also known to cause stomach ulsers Stomach ulcer is also known as gastric ulcer Most of us have heard of a term peptic ulcer Stomach acid is what causes a peptic ulcer
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