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My Pets

I have a gerbil and a turtle.

Erin Maes

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of My Pets

Double click anywhere & add an idea As of 4-15-10, I have two pets: a turtle and a gerbil My turtle's name is Pesky. Fun Facts I've had him since I was 6
He likes attention--if you put your finger against the tank and move it around, he'll follow it
When I first got him, he was the size of a bottle cap, and now he takes up 1/4 of his tank
We don't know if it is actually a boy, it could be a girl (YIKES)
When we first got him, we got three turtles
Sadly the other two died
Cont... When you clean his cage, he makes loud hissing noises
His claws are each probably 1/2 an inch long
He eats turtle pellets
While underwater, he squirts water through his nose (I think this is how he breathes) Some pictures... My gerbil's name is Waffle Fun Facts I got her for Christmas
She is about 3 1/2 inches long with an equal length tail
She squeaks when she is scared
She has a white stomach
She is awake on and off all day
Her favorite food is sunflower seeds
Cont. She runs around in an exercise ball once a day
She chews up varios things such as cardboard boxes, paper, envelopes, and wooden chews
She grooms herself, she does not need to take baths
She is very curious, if anything unusual happens, she does not hesitate to check it out Some pictures... Water Bottle Food Dish Box To Chew Exercise Wheel Exercise Ball Filter
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