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Roller Derby Marketing Plan

Roller Derby Marketing Plan

Sarah Miller

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Roller Derby Marketing Plan

Flat track roller derby,
America's fastest growing sport!! Segmentation
Positioning Participants



Marketing Mix Decisions Product

Place Implementation Process Co-Ed Junior Roller Derby League Johnson City Flyers Control Process Marketing control is the process of monitoring the proposed plans as they proceed and adjusting where necessary. References Build a Sign (n.d.). Yard Signs, Signs, Custom Signs Online | BuildASign. Build a Sign. Retrieved November 11, 2012, from http://www.buildasign.com/

JRDA (n.d.). Junior Roller Derby Association - JRDA. Retrieved October 24, 2012, from http://www.juniorrollerderby.org/

Little City Roller Girls (n.d.). Little City Roller Girls - Flat Track Roller Derby - Authentic Women's Flat Track Roller Derby - Johnson City, TN. Little City Roller Girls. Retrieved November 1, 2012, from http://www.littlecityrollergirls.com/

Marketing Teacher Ltd. (n.d.). SMART Objectives. Marketing Teacher Home Page. Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http://www.marketingteacher.com/lesson-store/lesson-objectives.html

WFTDA (n.d.). Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Retrieved October 26, 2012, from http://wftda.com/ JC Flyers Goal - to successfully create a recreational summer co-ed league that engages at risk youth with an outlet that will increase their overall health and improve self esteem throught the sport of flat track roller derby. Objectives - • Visit Johnson City Middle Schools in April to educate boys and girls in grades 5-8 (aged 10-14) about the sport of flat track roller derby

• Recruit a minimum of 3 local sponsors per team by January. There will be 10 teams, for a minimum of 30 local sponsors.

• Facility Procurement: Obtain a contracted lease agreement with Johnson City Parks and Recreation for limited use of their flat track skate area during the summer months of May, June, and July. Also to obtain a lease agreement with Johnson City Family Skate Center for use of their flat track, and an agreement for discounted skating rates for league participants.

• Form necessary committees (See Implementation)

• Recruit volunteers throughout the community to assist in league operations. Presented by:
Sarah Miller
Kayley Kempton
Miranda Peters The Plan The End Target Market Control involves measurement, evaluation, and monitoring. JC Flyers will implement the control process by measuring several things including:
Number of Participants registered
Number of Spectators at Bouts
Number of Participants that continued play throughout the season JC Flyers will also conduct interviews with Sponsors at end of season to determine their satisfaction and interest in renewing sponsorship.
They will also evaluate their revenues and expenses at the end of season and adjust budget plan accordingly.
Lastly, the Flyers Organization will make adjustments and changes accordingly. Implementation is executed most efficiently by using two separate plans that are concurrent; a Marketing Implementation Plan, and a Project Implementation Plan. 3,328 students in the Johnson City area between the ages of 10 and 14.

Range of athletic abilities from beginner to advanced

With limited opportunties for co-ed sports SWOT Analysis Strengths



Threats The Johnson City Flyers is a much needed league that offers youth between the ages of 10 and 14 the opportunity to participate in America's fastest growing sport.

This flat track roller derby league is the first co-ed sport opportunity for the Johnson City community

The following marketing plan provides the steps needed to implement this league successfully JC Flyers is the only co-ed youth sport in the area
Safe, healthy, constructive outlet Facility is small and unappealing
Lack of cost-free practice area Provides great merchandising opportunity
Enables advertising for sponsors while improving the community through investining in the lives of children Misconceptions
Expensive and risky America's Fastest Growing Sport!! Coming Soon... Questions ?? Boys and girls ages 10-14 in the JC area Men and women ages 25-54 with various socio-economic backgrounds Local businesses and philanthropic individuals Active members of the community, both men and women of all ages - JC Flyers Advertising Plan
Public Relations
Sales Promotion
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