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Copy of The Breakfast Club

No description

Michelle Millard

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club Citations Thank you for your attention! Brian Johnson is:
-a good boy, always does what he is told
-obedient to authority
-observational of his surroundings (e.g. when Vernon and Bender were fighting about Bender's detentions, Brian adds: "That's seven including when we first came in and you asked Mr. Vernon whether Barry Manilow knew that he raided his closet")
-uneasy when he doesn't feel comfortable with who he is with; socially awkward
-a follower to those who he feels are superior to him
Brian fits the stereotype of a geek; he is a member of the physics club and his physique is a skinny, tall boy Claire Standish is:
preppy, the prom queen, popular
appears to have everything, rich
a "tease"; doesn't want to seem like a prude, however doesn't want to be known as promiscuous
acts as though she is above everyone; a hierarchy. Bender to Claire: "You got everything, and I got sh*t. F*ckin' Rapunzel, right? School would probably, f*ckin' shut down if you didn't show up. Queenie, isn't here"
she belongs to the popular group who get invited to all the parties, go on dates and are typically attractive
self-conscious about her home life and family. For example, when Bender is mocking Claire about her diamond earrings, her only response is "shut up", and she acts ashamed of her possessions and home life
stereotypes associated with Claire are:
has the perfect home life: married, happy parents, receives attention, respect and care from her parents
has many friends, people look up to her, is rude to those "below" her in social status
is rich, therefore is spoiled and never has any struggles in life; her only concern is what outfit to wear the next day Socialization Of... Brian Johnson Claire Standish Socialization Of... Agents of Socialization: Brian Brian Johnson is highly influenced by his family and peers.
Family: This is the biggest factor in his life. His mother put an immense amount of pressure on him to do well in school, while his father insists he joins sports teams
When Brian did not produce the grades his parents expected, his mother would yell at him constantly
His father had expectations of Brian fitting in with the jocks and being a football star
"He gave me an F and my life was over. I went home and told my parents. Dad didn't have anything to say. He just went in the kitchen and poured a drink for himself. Mom was different. She bit my head off and spat it at me. She yelled at me every time she saw me"
These pressures cause Brian to be constantly stressed and studying. However, he wants to have a social life, go out and enjoy himself but the expectations of his parents do not allow for that Peers: This is a huge factor that influences Brian's confidence. He views himself and his group of friends as "geeks", "losers" and "pathetic"
Brian has ambitions of being like Andy; a football star and popular, although his social status and pressures from his mother repress these hopes
This image Brian possesses leads him to having the shy, humble and socially awkward personality
"The jocks, like Andy, beat us up. The criminals, like John, make fun of us. Princesses, like Claire, use us to cheat off of. We're never invited to beer bashes. We never go out on dates. We sit in our rooms and study or read"-Brian
Brian is afraid of expressing himself because of the ridicule he constantly gets and is scared to receive
This part of Brian's life is one aspect that lead to his attempted suicide Theories of Socialization: Brian The Looking Glass Self Theory states that other people's perceptions of us, (especially friends) reflects the personality of a person, causing us to develop beliefs of ourselves. Brian's personality can be explained using this theory.
Because Brian is smart, people perceive him to be a geek, shy, have few friends and does not have an exciting social life
Brian's friends perceive him as brilliant, and equal to him, although they still feel powerless in comparison to other social groups, therefore Brian does too
Due to these perceptions, Brian developed the personality he has. For example, when the group is having conversation, Brian has little input, and if he does it is small comments. However he has a lot of emotions he wants to express, which is shown in the library when he told the Breakfast Club about his attempted suicide
Brian respects authority because he grew up with those rules, and that is what people expect him to do; rebellious behaviour is not a character trait fitted to Brian's stereotype. For example, Brian addresses Mr. Vernon as 'sir' constantly, and obeys him, because this is what is expected of him from society. If Brian were to rebel, people would be shocked, in comparison to Bender, who constantly disobeys authority which is typical, based on his character type Claire Standish is highly influenced by her peers and media. Her peers and the media are connected in the ways that they influence who Claire is.
Peers: Claire's peers affect how she acts and treats other people
Her friends put pressure on her, directly and indirectly, to act, dress, and look a particular way
If Claire were to interact with someone like Brian (geek), her friends would treat her differently and possibly exclude her. For example: (Bender to Claire) "NO. 'Cause you know how sh*tty that is to do someone, and you don't got the balls to stand up to your friends and tell them you're gonna like who you wanna like"
This shows how Claire is afraid to be different than her friends and societal norms based on her social status because her friends have such a huge impact on the way Claire acts and appears
Because Claire is part of the 'popular' crowd, it is an expectation of her to associate with those who have the same social status as she does
Claire's friends have made her inconsiderate of other's because she has been trained to only care for and concern herself with her friends and those of her social status Agents of Socialization: Claire Claire was also socialized due to media influences.
The media is closely related to peer influences, because it shows Claire and her friends what the trends are, how to dress and how to act
Media shows Claire through TV shows and movies how cliques such as hers act, which influences her to act certain ways
this influence does not directly make Claire act differently, but subconsciously
Media shows Claire what it means to be beautiful and popular
Beauty is shown through all the models, which is why Claire dresses the way she does
Popularity is shown through the way other teens interact with each other in media: The popular girls have boyfriends, or if not, have multiple men who are interested in them
Popularity portrayed in the media also tells Claire to treat those of a lower social class with little respect and provide minimum attention Theories of Socialization: Claire The theory of Symbolic Interactionism can help explain why Claire Standish has developed the personality she has.
This theory says that people develop perceptions based on reactions of others, and society conforms to these perceptions
Claire is a part of the popular crowd, which means she must act and dress depending on trends and social standards
People have stereotypes of Claire, which cause her to act the way she does; because so many people expect Claire to act superior, she acts superior because society perceives her this way. For example, when Claire admits that on Monday, she probably would not speak to Brian because of the reactions people would have to that behaviour
For example: Claire brings sushi for lunch in a fancy container, and refuses to tell the others in detention if she is a virgin or not because society expects high class people such as herself, to have expensive lunches, and popular girls to be a tease, yet not promiscuous By Nathalie Parrott Brian Johnson - The Brain. Noozeez. Web. 12 June 2012. <http://noozeez.com/breakfast-club-remake/>.

Claire Standish - The Princess. Noozeez. Web. 12 June 2012. <http://noozeez.com/breakfast-club-remake/>.
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