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How do different golf balls affect the performance

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Josh Dee

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of How do different golf balls affect the performance

Studying the affect of different golf balls on the athletes performance level
Aims and Objectives
The main aim of the study is to research how different golf balls will effect the players performance levels and will involves on and off course testing. This will then help to establish why it is important to use the correct equipment that is beneficial to your performance.
This research that is to be carried out should explain the affect the golf ball has on both the score the player produces and also which ball is best for different aspects of the game.

The research will be obtained by, camera footage, scorecards and also trackman which analyses every aspects of the ball and the players swing, it enables us to determine the exact spin rates, shot shape and launch angle of the golf ball. This part of the testing will be carried out on the driving range and the trackman will be supplied by Cumberwell Park Golf Club.

The second part of the testing will be carried put on the golf course where they will test how each of the four golf balls will affect their score and shot making in all aspects of the game. As well as the figures produced by Trackman, i will also include the specific designs of each golf ball and aerodynamic properties.
Research Design
The research will be in the form of field based data collection as the results will be collected in the environment in which the sport is played. However a limitation of this is that the weather cannot be controlled and may interfere with the participants performance. The research gathered in the research will be quantitative as it will mainly be number based information gathered from the Trackman computer as well, however some of the players performance will be captured on video. The testing on the golf course will be
and will be backed up with the scores that the players produce. With in this research i will include some notational analysis including stats such as fairways hit, greens hit, sand saves and 'UP and Down' percentages to back up the players performance levels with each of the golf balls.
There will be 4 Participants who all have a handicap of 5 and below meaning they are of a very similar standard narrowing the possibility of any anomolies through out the research.
The sample will be people who all play at Cumberwell Park Golf Club as this will ensure that the player is familiar with the golf course meaning that this factor will not affect the players performance. also travelling for each participant will be kept to a minimum. each will have a playing handicap of 5 maximum so ensure the participants are of the same standard and understanding of the game. each player has the same ability to hit different shots, this means the type of golf ball will be the key factor in the success rate of the shot type.
The first objective is to find out how the golf ball will affect the players ability to play different shots, these will include from behind trees and from short and long distances.
The second objective is to study how each of the players score will be affected by using different brands of golf ball which they may not be use to playing with.

Data Collection
The majority of the research will be gathered using computer software such as the Trackman.

Within my research i will also include some secondary research which will be collected from books and the web. this will help to compare my findings and also gain an understanding of the factor in question.
i will also include questionnaires that i will hand out to each participant who will then explain the difference they felt the golf ball made on their performance and also opinions such as feel and their performance level.

score cards will also be used to record their scores.

The research on the course will be observational using checklists and ratings.
Data Analysis
The data collected will be broken down into categories such as spin rates, trajectory, score and also fairways hit, greens hit, sandsaves, and 'up and down' percentages, this will enable me to make comparisons between each golf ball and their affect on each of the criteria in a golf performance.

The data will be shown using graphs and tables recording every aspect of the performance.

Ethical Considerations
The participant's must fill out an informed consent form which gives detail on the research being conducted and what it includes.

Each of the participants will be treated equally and carry out the test in the same conditions as the other participants.
Legal Considerations
If the participant is under the age of 18 then they must ensure that the consent form is signed by a parent or guardian. This will ensure that the participants understand what the research entails.
Each of the participants details must remain private and must not be revealed in the research. Their first and last names will not be included in the research, i will refer to them as participant A, B and so on.
- The testing carried out on the range will help to identify how the different brands can suit a certain player and the effects they have and this information will be highly beneficial to how they perform in future matches. it will outline the importance to other athletes how having the correct equipment is essential.
- The first test carried out will be reliable as the Trackman is very accurate, however the second part of the testing is not as reliable because the participants may not play to their full potential over the course of the whole experiment.
Validity & Reliability
The main focus of my research is to gain a greater understanding of how equipment can effect performance. This will be outlined by using numerical data and carrying out analysis of the participants performance against the relevant criteria.
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