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Suicide Prevention and Social Media

Texas Symposium 8/4/16

April Foreman

on 19 February 2018

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Transcript of Suicide Prevention and Social Media

First things first: Ethics
But what about the dangers?
@DocForeman: Stranger in a Strange Land
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"There are NO psychologists on Twitter." -April Foreman, 10/4/10

"DocForeman is the *worst* client I've ever had. The WORST." -Tony Wood, most days, but especially 10/4/10.
Take a training!
Social Media Policy
Familiar principles apply
But some things are new
When in doubt, consult!
IT, Data Science, Legal experts
On an epic quest? Social media can help.
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Anxiety and avoidance is not the same as caution and consultation.
The solution to pollution is dilution.
#SPSM chat started out in 2012, eating a hotdog dinner in Austin
The #SPSM Model
Small, digitally skilled production team
Core group of engaged members
The "expert guest" structure
Provide connection and support
My Mission
To relieve pain, 1 person, 1 problem, 1 minute at a time if I have to...

And to be more effective than that if I can.
"Social Offspring": Collaboration and innovation
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Suicide Prevention and Social Media:
Social media is designed to connect, support, and accelerate the relationships that can eliminate suicide

The Good News for Both
Digital Immigrants and Natives

"Social media and data science may be the game changer in eliminating suicide." -April Foreman, 8/4/16
Thank you for inviting me!
Find me:
Twitter: @DocForeman
Don't underestimate the 43K lives lost to lack of innovation each year.
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