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ww1 weapons

No description

Christa Puthoff

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of ww1 weapons

World War I
Weapons Airplanes Airplanes Zeppelins Mustard Gas Machine Guns Tanks Torpedos Planes were first used to deliver bombs and spy on enemy troops from the air. Later as planes developed they were equiped with machine guns, bombs, torpedos, and cannons. Planes changed war from two dimensional to three dimentional. Because of airplanes, militaries could be a threat in the air. Zeppelins were used in the early part of the war, mostly by the Germans, in bombing raids. Zeppelins were no longer used because they were two easily shot down and the gasses inside were very explosive. Zeppilins began the idea of fighting wars from the air and led to the creation of fighting planes. This odorless and colorless gas was the most deadly weapon used. Mustard gas was fired into trenches in shells and took 12 hours to take effect. Victims suffered slow, painful deaths. Mustard gas and other harmful gasses was a new way to kill numerous men with just one weapon. Gasses were very effective because enemy troops were confined together in trenches. Machine guns required 4-6 men to operate and had the fire-power of 100 guns. Machine guns were a new more effective way of shooting ememy soldiers. The development of machine guns led to trench warfare because soldiers were more vulnerable and in danger of the machine guns out in the open. The first tank used in World War I was named Little Willy. The first tanks were operated by three men and traveled up to 3mph. Tanks were able to transfer people and supplies to the front lines and led to the development of more efficitent war vehicles. Torpedos were used by submarines to attack other ships. The Germans used torpedoes to sink the Lousitania which launched America into war. The use of torpedos limited freedom of the seas. Works Cited
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