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The Flint Water Crisis

No description

Kade Haywald

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of The Flint Water Crisis

Lead Poisoning
A chronic poisoning due to the absorption of lead into the body.
The Flint Water Crisis
The 82nd chemical in the periodic table
State of Emergency
A situation of national danger or disaster in which a government suspends normal constitutional procedures in order to regain control.
Karen Weaver
The Mayor of Flint, Michigan
What Happened?
In the city of Flint, Michigan, there was a out break of led in their water supply for almost 8 months.
Who is involved
The City of Flint Michigan, and the former mayor of this city Dwayne Walling.
Flint Michigan
The place where this event has/is happening.
Where did this event happen?
Flint, Michigan
When did this event happen?
From the span of 2013 to still now.
What events may have lead up to this event
When the city switched too water from lake Huron, the water had lead in it which led up to this event.
What events may occur?
The extra filtering of more water may lead up to this event.
Map of the location
Political impact
This event may cause the Government too take action and cause each individual state to filter their water
Social impact
This event is going to cause social disorders in young children that will later lead to lower IQ.
Economic impact
This event has caused millions of dollars to fix,
Religious/moral impact
This event has no religious/moral impact
Real World connection
This event has caused fear in me because you don't know if your water is contaminated or not
The End!
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