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5-Forces analysis of truck industry in the USA and Europe

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Sabri Yu

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of 5-Forces analysis of truck industry in the USA and Europe

Rivalry among
Existing Competitors
5-Forces Analysis of Truck Industry in the USA and Europe Threat of Substitute
Product or Service Bargaining Power
of Supplier Bargaining Power
of Buyers Threat of New Entrants US Europe Threat of Substitute Product or Service
Less tendency to change
the transportation
method US US Europe Bargaining Power of Buyers Deregulation of trucking market
and Consolidation Fluctuation of sales
of the new trucks US Europe Bargaining Power of Supplier Powerful producers
for truck components US Europe Threat of New Entrants Potential threat of new entrants
e.g from China Easier to operate a company than Europe Non cab-over truck in US US Non Price Competition Higher tendency to change because of more comprehensive train system Where will the industry generate more profits for truckmakers? In the US or Europe? Why? Also consider the respective valus chains. Production aspect: US: buy from others, suppliers have mass production, standardized, the cost of components is relatively lower
EU: mainly make themselves, trucks, higher manufacturing costs, capital is fixed Marketing aspect: US: Less buyers, manufacturers can concentrate the marketing resources on those companies only, so that they can save money on large-scale promotion
EU: the truck market is more dispersed in europe, manufacturers need to spend much money on creating their corporate images to the public to gain more customers After-sales services aspect: most core parts (drive-train components) manufactured in-house. Table of Content
1. Comparative 5-Forces analysis of the truck industry
1.)Threat of substitute product or service
2.)Bargaining power of buyers
3.)Bargaining power of supplier
4.)Threat of new entrants
5.) Rivalry among existing competitors Group Members:
Kai Yin
Lau Yuen Hang(Jackson)
Simon Keller
Yu Pui Shan (Sabrina) Strategic Management
Volvo Assignment 2. Where will the industry generate more profits for truckmakers? And reasons behind. US Q & A US: manufacturers and distributors are independent and they can outsource the after-sales services to other companies to save the costs
EU: the whole supply chain is usually owned by the manufacturers
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