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Group Dynamics

Group Presentation - by Jessica, Christopher, & Yvonne

Jessica Paul

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Group Dynamics

We are ENFP & ENFJ
So how will our strengths & weaknesses
effect us
Team challenges and the opportunities they present!
Christopher Mather
The three of us make up a team of ENFP & ENFJ
MBTI - What does it mean to us?
Jessica Paul
Yvonne Starlin
Christopher Mather
Meet the team
We're outgoing
We enjoy working in groups
We are 'people persons'
We tend to talk before we think
We jump into thing without planning first
We get our energy from being around others
We tend to take care of others
We make decisions with our heart and feelings
We like to take care of the team
We use our emotions to make some decisions
We go with the flow and rarely have a direct plan
We continuously look for new information
We don't try to control everything
We may procrastinate
We work great as a team
We enjoy interacting with others
We build our energy by being around people
We focus on a world of possibilities
We are abstract thinkers
We are creative & inventive
We focus on the big picture
We look towards the future
Excellent communicators
Popular and outgoing
Curious and intrigued
Perceptive of other's thoughts
Strive for 'win-win' situations
Smothering at times
Unrealistic enthusiasm
Find it difficult to be stern
Dislike conflict & criticism
Highly emotional
To independent
We plan & maintain an orderly life
We prefer to complete things in advance
We tend to be ahead of schedule
We make list of things to do
Charming & popular
Natural leaders
Open minded & accepting
Charming & popular
Enjoy helping others
Natural leader
Open Minded
Take on to much
Fluctuating self esteem
To idealistic
Easily hurt
Struggle with decision making
The judger on our team will focus on our deadlines and the perceiver may not stay firm to what the deadline is.

The judger may be ready to wrap up the project and the perceiver will still be adding last minute ideas.

The judger will be ready to make a final decision and the perceiver will prefer to keep their options open.

All in all - the judger would have to step in and make a final decision for the team to wrap it up.
As an ENFP our laid back personality might seem unorganized and lazy to an ENFJ.
Jessica Paul
An ENFP can lack the ability to follow through with projects, a trait unheard of by and ENFJ.
Yvonne Starlin
Our groups ENFJ
An ENFJ is organized and will follow through with a goal with out distraction. Sometimes this structured behavior can trap an ENFP leaving them uninterested.
The key to our group dynamic is to allow for compromise. An ENFP will need to learn to focus and show an ENFJ interest, while an ENFJ will need to allow the ENFP to feel less constricted throughout the project. Both groups are people oriented and have no issues with communication. As long as we are all aware of our pitfalls each individuals strengths will shine

Recommendations for Forming

As the group forms, take time to talk and create bonds
Yvonne will need to make sure adequate preparation is done
Talk through things, but use J skills to bring an end to discussions that get off track
Keep it professional – don't get too wrapped up in personal issues
Listen to each other

Recommendations for Storming

Schedule time for quiet reflection
Jessica and Chris will provide an endless supply of options
Keep track of what is just externalizing and what are actually action plans
Don't take things personally
Yvonne will make sure generating ideas and options comes to an end and transitions to doable tasks
Recommendations for Norming

Yvonne to create time guidelines for each section of the project, but be open to necessary changes
Assign each member a project to work on individually to keep everyone on task
Yvonne to avoid offering advice unless it is asked for
Chris and Jessica will need to make sure Yvonne doesn't rush to conclusions
Chris and Jessica to try to get down to specifics

Recommendations for Performing

Schedule regular progress meetings to get feedback and ask questions
Use natural enthusiasm and energy to keep momentum going
Minimize distractions when at all possible
Concentrate on the end product / goal
Yvonne to handle routine tasks that become too boring for Jessica and Chris
Leveraging Group Dynamics
Jessica and Chris will keep it fun
Use the Z Problem-Solving Model to account for S & T thinking
Be supportive of and encourage efforts of others (again, a natural for our members)
Identify and make concessions for P & J differences

May need to consult others to get IST feedback
ENF qualities will easily keep us motivated
Will need to use J qualities to keep us focused and on track
Handling P & J differences will determine the level of success of the group

Thank you!
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