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Visual Rhetoric

No description

Faith Shaffner

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Visual Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric Pedagogy What It Is Brief History An Interdisciplinary Field Concerned with Images as Argument Arrangement of elements on a Page Typography Analysis of images Concept Map from
"A Conceptual Map of Visual Communication"
Moriarty Why It Is Important A Natural Growth from Semiotics / Structuralism Images filled with sign systems that can be decoded http://tracesofthereal.com/2009/12/21/the-rhetoric-of-the-image-roland-barthes-1977/ Visual Thinking: 80 Percent of Cognition Technology: Increasingly Easy to recreate Images Visually Dominated World Literacy: Read, Dissect, and Produce Images Classical Concerns:

“the organization of visual elements so that
readers can see their structure”
making certain parts more prominent than
others by changing its size, shape and color.
helps the reader to “decode the message, to
understand it quickly and completely”
“generating designs that are appropriately
succinct to a particular situation”
tone reveals the designer’s attitude towards
the subject matter
earning the trust of the person receiving the
From Kostelnick, Charles, and David D. Roberts, Designing Visual Language: Strategies for Professional Communicators. Emerging moment: April 1977 CCC-- "Mass Culture Themed" three classes of message within the image: The linguistic message (text) denoted message comprising of the caption connoted message using schema The symbolic message (or connoted image) The Bag signifies The vegatables signify the collection of objects signifies the overall composition is: The literal message or [denoted image] signifier and a signified which are essentially the same Anchorage occurs when text is used
to focus on one of these meanings Relay occurs when text and image work together to convey intended meaning e.g. a comic strip. Film Studies creates discomfort Devlopment of theory and background during 80s Restructured as Emerging Technologies change dynamics http://ideoplast.org/watson/ Often uses the "controversy model" Goals:
Become more sophisticated, analytic, and thoughtful reader-interpreters of images
Create and/or deploy visual arguments in their own work. Current Trends:
http://enculturation.gmu.edu/3_2/toc.html Citatation Style: Varied
Writing Visual Rhetoric Kinds of Writing: Mostly MLA
Chicago Style
HTML Citations common InLine Citations Multimodal Relay: Text and Image Analysis Paper Argumentative Paper Almost anything! Sources: Heavy use of Creative Commons
Internet Image Archives Internet sources encouraged Other appropriate sources depending
on content of image Classical Rhetoriticians and
Semiotic Theorists Magritte, The Treachery of Images
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