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William Borden

No description

Nathanael Tan

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of William Borden

William Borden
A Man of Faith Born: November 1, 1887 At the age of thirteen, he went to work at a nearby mill owned by a neighbor and when offered pay, declined and said that it was his honor to learn. The End Even before he came of age or graduated, he traveled the world and went to Japan, Korea and China. He visited the temples of India and saw with disgust that the river Ganges had cremated ashes being thrown into the river less than 50 feet away from people drinking the river. His parents were William Borden and Mary Degama Whiting. He then went to England and attended Yale. While there he excelled at pretty much everything he studied. He was a devoted Christian and prayed every morning and always found time to read the Bible before going to bed. He later attended Princeton Seminary. Once at a board meeting when he learned that they were in debt and needed money, he took it upon himself to pay off this debt and wrote a check for $5200. He suggested to the Christian mission in Cairo to use pamphlets just like Islamic Temples around there. On one time passing out pamphlets, an old man wanted to know who had written them and on learning a former-Islamic Christian had helped written them started arguing with them and pretty soon the cops came and they were taken to the police station. The cop in charge, on seeing the pamphlets and listening to the charges, proclaimed that these were just Christians and therefore let them go just like that. The group were then able to administer to the cops in an area they would not have been able to access before. William soon began to become sick and had to stay at a hospital. It turned out that he had cerebral meningitis. His father was already dead and his mother and youngest sister were on a trip in the mountains and could not even be hailed on the wireless until April 1. Thankfully, his older sister was in England and was told. She got on a flight but was unable to get there until April 2. His mother and younger sister immediately got on a plane to Egypt. On April 9, 1993, William passed away at 9 am. His mother and younger sister arrived 4 hours late. He later decided to go to Egypt to work on his Arabic. He administered to many of the people there. Bibliography:
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