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How are Black Holes Formed? By Tian Fishburn

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Tian Fishburn

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of How are Black Holes Formed? By Tian Fishburn

How are Black Holes Formed?
Sometimes black holes begin when a star like our sun can't produce anymore energy
Then the gravity will cause it to collapse on itself forming a Steller-mass black hole
The size of a black hole depends on the size of the star
The Birth of a Black Hole
Parts of a Black Hole
Jets of Gas
Event Horizon
The Accretion Disk
Infinate density
Steller mass material
Spirals towards the black hole
High intensity magnetic fields
Shot out perpendictular to the accretion disk
Causes space around it to spin as well
Same area as the accretion disl
The point of no return
The escape velocity is equal to the speed of light
299,792,458 m/s
The First Black Hole
Albert Einstein first predicted black holes with his general theory of relativity in 1916
Then in 1971 John Wheeler (an american astronomer) discovered the first black hole
I tried getting a picture of a black hole in the center but they weren't circle
Differant Black Holes
There are 3 types of black holes
Stellar-Mass Black Holes
It may be small but it's the deadliest of them all

Intermediate Black Holes
Pretty much the middle black hole

pictures not up to size
Also I know that these pictures don't show the differance between sizes
Super Massive Black Holes
Largest of the black holes
Found in the center of a massive galaxies

Cited From
www.universetoday.com (>black-hole-facts)
www.space.com/15421-black holes-facts formation.discovery-sdcmp.html
Facts about Black Hole
Black holes affect time around it
You can't escape from the event horizon
Black holes can pretty much eat every thing that gets close to it
It is called a black hole because light needs to shine off of it to have color (you learned this in science) but sense the light gets eatten I guess, it can't get to your eyes to show color
There's color here because the light is reflecting off of the stellar material around it
My Mind!
You can't destroy a black hole, anything that gets eatten just adds to the black holes mass, the only thing thats on your side is time
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