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Kingdom of God

No description

krister fernan mercene

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Kingdom of God

May Your Kingdom Come Heart of the Gospels’ presentation of Jesus’ mission and ministry Central image of Jesus’ message Kingdom of God Parables- short simple stories that illustrate a moral truth or religious teaching. Mustard Seed Smallest beginnings
Every good we do matters Yeast Can’t be distinguished when mixed with dough
We can’t always see the working of the Kingdom Treasure Blessings manifest the KOG, can come in ordinary ways, unexpected persons, events
Give up everything to experience true happiness Pearl Possessions are secondary and of less worth Net End of time
The good will be rewarded
The wicked will be punished PCP II- gathering of Filipino Bishops and other clergy, and lay leaders to renew the Philippine Church according to the spirit of reform of Vatican II KoG is a Gift as well as a Task KOG is the gift of salvation freely given to us by God
Our role is to acknowledge the gift and respond to it ACTIVELY. KoG is already here but not yet fully here The coming of Jesus ushered in God’s Kingdom
Identifiable by Christ’s norms
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