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Sangeeta's Dream Vacation to Japan

No description

Sangeeta Thomas

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Sangeeta's Dream Vacation to Japan

Odaiba Must-see #1: Rainbow Bridge Must-see #9: Clae's Oldenburg's Giant Saw Must-visit # 6: Ferris Wheel at Palette Town (and ride it!!) Must-visit # 2: Daisan Daiba (aka Vamdemon's base) August 1:
Digimon Memorial day Every year, fans have a gathering here for Digimon's anniversary. It's always been a dream to go, and I KNOW it will be just AWESOME. Must-visit #4: The digidestineds' apartment complexes Must-visit # 5: Fuji TV Building Must-visit # 7: Dream Bridge (Yume no Ohashi) Must-visit # 10: Sujito Bus Pier Must-visit # 8: The Conference Tower Must-visit #3: Odaiba Rainbow Park I started watching Digimon since i was about 7 years old-- I'd no idea back then that it would pretty much shape who I am today.

I LOVED this show. I loved all the characters, the story, the theme song, everything! At 1o years old, I moved to Canada. Being a shy kid, I was a complete loner for years. I can honestly say watching Digimon gave me courage to face my fears, and most importantly to hope for great friendships like the digidestineds had with each other and their digimon. I remember praying
regularly to God to just give me a digimon to
keep me company during those lonely
years. Eventually I
grew to have an encyclopedic
knowledge about everything that
had to do with Digimon. I made great
friendships along the way (many of whom were digimon fans as well!).
Digimon was a gateway show that made me start watching plenty of anime after, which eventually spread to gaining an interest in Japanese language, traditions, cuisine, television, history, arts, which encompasses a majority of my hobbies. One thing that blew my mind was finding
out that the setting of the "Real World" in
Digimon took place in the artificial island, Obaida, located in Tokyo Bay.
Whats super impressive is that every single scene of Odaiba shown in the cartoon is extremely accurate to how it looks like in reality.
All the minute details are drawn perfectly, with correct spatial distances between the architectural structures found there!!
Attention to detail is something that makes this show that much more endearing to me!

So, of course I want to explore the city where the digidestined kids lived, ran around with their
digimon, and see where epic battles took
place! Odaiba map Cultural
Classes Hi there!
Let me tell you a bit about myself :) Aside from going to India for the sole purpose of seeing extended family,
my family and I have never been on a vacation.
Not to have fun.
Not to explore or see new sights.
Not to learn something fresh & new.
Just to see family and that is it. As far as I can remember, I've always dreamed of visiting a different country.
...to see sights only seen in that country,
...to do things that can only be done in that
...no obligatory family visits
...the ability to be free, explore to my heart's
content without following a parental agenda

THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! My parents have always done everything for me.
everything from paper works, paying tuition & bills, bank account management to deciding exactly what places I can go, what activities I can take part in. Now don't get me wrong, I do LOVE my parents!

But sometimes being 20 years already and not really knowing how to do anything all by myself is a bit sad.

I want to go on a journey to show that I CAN do something great on my own.
That I CAN take care of myself and be safe.
That I CAN have an adventure all at once.
I want to prove to myself that I CAN be independent. Ever since I was in grade 4, there is one country I've been DYING to visit. It all started with my huge interest in all things animated.
Epic cartoons from the good ol' days that
I'd faithfully watch! I simply loved the intricate story telling so i also started watching shows that wasn't dubbed in English, learning to follow subtitles really fast.

All this lead me to pick up a huge interest in learning to draw all the characters, which made me realize I had a knack for all things artistic.

Very soon, I grew an interest to learn about all things that came from the country that produced all my childhood TV loves! An interest which grew to make me:

- learn the language
- learn how to cook the cuisine
- learn their arts & crafts
- learn history about samurais & ninjas
- learn Kendo, a sword fighting martial art This country that would absolutely be my
dream come true
to visit (even more so than getting a career!!) is none other than.. JAPAN Who goes? Just myself! As far as I've imagined,
I've always wanted this to be a journey that I can accomplish all by myself.

I have a large list of "things I want to see" and "things I want to try" that I have accumulated since I was a child.
And I want to make sure there will be no one with me that might not be accommodating with all those things.

Also I've a few friends in Japan that I really want to visit, so I won't be totally alone in my journey!
Plus meeting new people, and sharing experiences with locals, stepping out of my comfort zone...I think thats all part of what would make my trip that much better!! Trip costs Where? When? Lodging Now lets get going, shall we? First stop: ODAIBA ! It's the world's largest Ferris wheel !! All of Odaiba can be explored in
the span of one day.

I don't plan to stay here over night,
but use the day time to its fullest

On to the "digi" sites!! Tokyo being the power house of the
anime subculture, there are quite a few MUST-SEE anime related places on my check list! Must do #1: visit Ghibli museum Where: Mitaka, Tokyo
How to get there: JR Saikyo Line to Shinjuku Station, take JR Chuo Line to Mitaka Station (29 minutes)
Travel cost: 290 yen
Ghibli museum ticket: 1000 yen (buy ticket in advance from Lawson convenience store, which are located all over the place)
Must-spot: Laputa guardian statue, Totoro, artist's workshop Must-do #2: sleep in a Manga cafe! Putting my Japanese reading skills to use, I'd love to spend a night at a Manga cafe!
Reading my favourite classics, slurping on some ramen, watching some anime on the computers provided.

Yup, the nerd in me leaps with joy at the sound of this type of fun only a fan would get! Location: all over Tokyo
Cost: $40 (approximately $4 per hour + snacks) Must-do #3:
visit the Giant Gundam statue As a fan of a quite a few Robot animes, this 60 foot statue is bound to take my breathe away (and let my imagination run wild with thoughts of it spontaneously flying off) Location: Diver City, Tokyo Must-do #4:
visit a real Pokemon Center! Visiting no other place will give me the nostalgic feeling of wanting to be a Pokemon Master once again than a real Pokemon Center!!

Where: second floor of the Shiodome Shibarikyu Building
How to get there: JR Yamanote Line to Hamamatsucho Station Must-do #5: shop at Akihabara Akihabara being the mecca of all anime fans, nothing would beat shopping for posters, plushies, comics etc than right here!
Plus all the interesting people there will be refreshing!

How to get there: Take the JR Yamanote line to Akihabara Station
Duration: 28 min.
Cost: 190 yen There are a few classes with regards to cooking and crafts that i simply have always wanted to take part in!

I have spent years bookmarking various online tutorials, and trying out some of them.

But I'd just love to have that authentic experience of interacting with a Japanese professional who has honed their art, and learn a new skill I can work on!! Must-learn #1:
Washi Ningyo dolls Ever since high school I have ordered the amazingly beautiful washi craft papers from ebay, and made small scale crafts with them.
I stumbled across Chisako's paper dolls website long ago, and have since then wanted to take a class with her. Her talent is truly inspiring to me, and meeting her would be an absolute pleasure !!
Where: Seki City, Gifu
Cost: 3000 yen (for a samurai doll!) Must-learn #2:
Japanese confectionary I have a sweet tooth.
Constantly looking up new desserts to make. So naturally, I want to indulge my sweet tooth in Japanese sweets "Wagashi" when I come back to Canada as well!

Where: Yatsuhashi-an & Shisyu-yakata
Address: 36 Nishikoromode-cho Nishikyogoku Ukyo-ku,
Kyoto 615-0877
Cost: 3140 yen Must-learn #3:
Udon making! As a noodle lover, learning to make Udon noodles
seem like a wonderful hands-on activity!
I've seen the process on TV, and I just feel like its my CALLING to have this experience!

Where: Nakano Udon School
Address: Kotohira-cho, Nakatodo-gun, Kagawa 796
( 7-minute walk away from the JR Kotohira station)
Cost: 1575 yen Must-learn #4:
Japanese cooking I'm a foodie.
There's literally no food I won't try, or dislike.
I do regularly try to learn basic Japanese dishes in my routine, so of course taking a cooking class in Japan is a must!
This cooking class particularly has a wide variety of dishes to learn from, from beginner to intermediate levels!

Where: ABC Cooking Studio
Address: Tokyo Midtown Galleria B1F, Akasaka 9-7-4, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 107-0052
Cost: 5000 yen Who is
this? Meet my high school crush, Nishikido Ryo Ryo is a popular J-pop musician/entertainer/actor from the Johnny's Entertainment talent agency that I was absolutely nuts over all through high school.

Discovering him made me dive deeply into the realm of Japanese dramas, and Japanese pop music (not to mention mastering drawing his face...). Nowadays, I still faithfully watch japanese dramas (and rejoice when Ryo gets a new lead role!).

So there are a few famous places where my beloved actors have stepped foot on that I'd like my own two feet to step on as well! (and just be happy imagining I was in the drama myself) Set-foot-on-site #1:
Johnny's Entertainment Building The company where it all began. Producing boy bands every few years and taking Japan by storm, even if I'm no longer a hard core fan I still want to see this building for old time memory's sake.

Hopefully the day I go, there will be Ryo's message on their Idol wall that I can take a picture of!

Address: Kouen doori building 2F, Shibuya ku Jinnan
1-19-10, Tokyo Set-foot-on-site #2:
Fuchu no mori park This 13 hectare park featured in countless dramas is a perfect spot to enjoy the good summer weather!
Particularly the water fountain seen in Ryo's 1 litre of tears, Gokusen and Nodame Cantabile dramas!!!
Where: Sengencho 1-chome & Midoricho 2
chome, Fuchu-shi Set-foot-on-site #3:
Ebisu Garden Place Clock Plaza The Marionette Clock Square where Domyouji waited in the rain for hours for his first date with Tsukino is a must-photograph place on my dream vacation list! Location: a 5 minute walk from Ebisu Station, one station south of Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line or JR Saikyo Line. Set-foot-on-site #4:
Tokyo's Robert Indiana LOVE Sculpture As seen on Brother Beat, Great teacher Onizuka, Densha Otoko & many more!

Location: I-Land Tower, Nishi Shinjuku 6
Chome, Shinjuku, Tokyo Set-foot-on-site #5:
Common Drama eateries Tsukishima Komachi - one of the most famous Monjayaki (which I've never tried before!) restaurants in the neighborhood.
- as featured on Hana Kimi!

Location: 3-20-4 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
A 5-minute walk from Tsukishima
Station No. 7 via the Tokyo Metro
Yurakucho Line. Tsuruya Yoshinobu - has been a Japanese confectionery
store for over 190 years
- Dango store in which Makino worked
in the drama Hana Yori Dango!

Location: 1-23-20, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
154-0017 Setagaya Chuka Ryori No.15 famous for appearing in Gokusen as the Kumai Ramen noodle house & in Nodame Cantabile as Ryutaro Mine's dad's Uraken!

Location: Upon arriving at Higashi-
fuchu station, cross 2
intersections until the
restaurant is seen. Boul'Mich Cafe - patisserie in the upscale Ginza
- location for Asamoto Ginza, the
Asamoto family's cake shop in Zettai

Location: 1-2-3 Ginza Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061
Take the Ginza Subway line, the Maruonuchi Subway Line or the Hibiya Subway Line to Ginza Subway Station. Heiroku Sushi - conveyor belt sushi restaurant that always looks so fun to pick and eat the food as it comes by
- location in Nodame Cantabile, when Nodame offered to treat Chiaki to a sushi dinner but didn't end up paying for any of it Location: Kojimacho 1-35-3 Chofu, Tokyo. 3-minute walk from Chofu Station, North Exit.
Located along the old Koshu Kaido. Tokyo
City Though most of the already said activities take place in Tokyo, there are a few unique, quirky , perhaps trivial things I want to experience in this magnificent city that I've only heard of from other people or from TV! Take Purikura
(Japanese photobooth) pictures!! Sleep in a Capsule Hotel! Attend a Japanese summer festival! my plan is to attend the Hachioji Matsuri that takes place every year on the first week of August.
& to buy a summer Yukata! Go on a Cycling tour around Tokyo! The Great Tokyo Cycling Tour offers a solid 6 hours of cycling with a group, with a tour guide to point out all things cool and awesome!
As a biking lover, I can't pass up this opportunity!

Location: 1-3-2, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-
Route: Route B- The Tokyo-Edo Culture Ride
Cost: 10,000 yen History Having a slight interest in history, old beautiful architecture, and olden day lifestyles, I would like to make the most of this trip by going to areas where I can be in the past... Visit Tokyo Imperial Palace A marvelous engineering feat at the former site of Edo Castle, which also is the exact center of Tokyo.
This beautiful palace brimming with immense moats, spacious gardens and interesting architecture is sure to be worth the visit!
Location: 10 minute walk from Tokyo station Take a bath- Edo era style ! Where: Oedo Onsen Monogatari
2-57 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
How to go get there: Telecom Center Station
(Yurikamome line)
What: a bathing theme park recreating Edo style bathing, complete with "Doctor Fish" foot bath where little fish eat away dead skin cells, a 50m long foot bath styled after an ukiyo-e classic depicting Edo-Kyoto highway, natural mineral water onsen, shopping and dining.
Cost: 1980 yen
Dress up as a Geisha!
Getting a professional Geisha maiko transformation done using special make-up techniques, hair styling methods, and ornate kimonos, followed by walking the surrounding neighborhood and taking photos around traditional Japanese architecture seems like a lot of fun!

Where: "Aya" 605-0825 499,Shimogawara ,Gion, Higashiyama-Ku , Kyoto

Cost: 14,500 yen Nature Despite all the cultural focus I've given to this trip so far, I'm a nature lover.
I'm a biology student who loves hiking and just enjoying all the beauty nature offers !

Japan is a stunning country with plenty of scenic sites to see, even near big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. I'll be sure to see atleast a few in my trip!! Mount Fuji Of course when one thinks of Japan's scenic wonders, its Mt. Fuji!

Even if I don't have enough time to climb it this time around, I'd love to see a good view of it from Shizuoka city, where a friend of mine lives. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove Location: About 20 minutes on foot (about 1.5 km) to the northwest of Arashiyama Station The forests of the mountain are steeped in Japanese myth and folklore.
Its an easy 30 minute hike so I'll do it!

Address: 1074 Kurama-honmachi
Mount Kurama Mount Koya A Buddhist monastery town in Kyoto
(90 minute train ride from central Kyoto) a 800
meter high valley surrounded by eight mountain peaks.
There are apparently 120 temples in the area -- I'd love to stay a night at one of them as many of them do offer lodging for tourists, including a traditional monk breakfast. Final Thoughts
I'm feeling giddy already just thinking of all this that is very much possible to accomplish in the near future !!
Graduation can't come soon enough!

I KNOW this trip is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me! There's a billion other places I want to see in Japan, farther away from Tokyo and Kyoto. But that's what it's all about right?
I'm positive after this trip, my love will only increase and I'll be back for more! Simply knowing about it all through the internet and seeing photographs doesn't cut it anymore-- I just HAVE to see it all! References http://images.google.ca/
I'll be graduating next year, in the summer of 2014.
It'll be the PERFECT close to this chapter of my life.

I want to go for 4 weeks from July 30 to August 30.
I will have a course to do in early summer months, so after all that is done, I want to totally enjoy my last month of undergraduate summer finally having my dream vacation for all the past years of hard work :) I have a few friends (penpals and those who have come to Western as exchange students) that I regularly keep in touch with residing in various places of Tokyo and Kyoto.

I don't want money to be an issue to spend on all the things I've always dreamed doing, so having friends who are more than welcoming to let me stay over on the days not mentioned in this presentation is a blessing.

The odd days where I'm farther away from them, I plan to stay in cheap capsule hotels, or internet cafes. I'm really not a picky person when it comes to where I rest for the night.

I'd much rather spend my money on all the things while I'm awake! Most of this trip is heavily concentrated in Tokyo (3 weeks).

However Kyoto is a beautiful, and very traditional city with lots to see to get some sort of a get away from the modern Tokyo city. So I plan on staying in Kyoto for 1 week. Airfare: $1655.00
Food: $2000.00
Accommodation: $200.00
Shopping: $1500.00
Classes: $130.00
Highway bus from Tokyo to Kyoto: $50.00 (7 hour trip)
Train within Tokyo: $450.00
Train within Kyoto: $50.00
Other: $1000
Total: $7000.00
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