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Business Capstone

No description

Julie Hardy

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Business Capstone

Kimberley Tait 16142040
Andrew Russell 15513784
Sarah Diandra 16348246
Jessica Gibb 15762023
Julie Hardy 16083291

Mission Statement:
Our aim is to provide our customers with reliable and high quality products all the while increasing awareness and accessibility to an optimal point. We pride ourselves in producing premium products that reach all segments for the market and cater for each of their tailored needs.

Original Strategy Selected:

1. Broad Differentiator:
-> maintaining presence in every market segment
Competitive advantage:
->High awareness, excellent design & easy accessibility
-> Cost Price Leader
Success Measures
Research & Development
Initially followed ideal drift rates for all products.

After round 2 primarily focused on Traditional, Low End and High end products.
Discontinued production of Performance and Size products in round 5

Did no further adjustments to R&D after round 6

Progressively decreased all product prices in the first 4 years

From year 5 started to increase pricing due to high awareness and accessibility

Established we were still able to maintain high sales regardless of price increase.
Promotion and Sales:
Emphasized high expenditure to attain high awareness and accessibility

Significantly reduced spending on sales budget after round 6

Consistently achieved awareness above 65% and accessibility above 95% from year 4
Awareness and Accessibility:
Directors of the Company
Kimberley Tait
Sarah Diandra
Andrew Russell
Jessica Gibb
Julie Hardy
Team Collaboration
Synchronising five busy schedules
Lack of attention to detail
Synchronising Schedules
Five members
Class hours
Extra-curricular activities
Work commitments
Challenge 1:
Challenge 2:
Lack of Attention to Detail
Assumptions wrongly made (trends in price especially)
Overall goal and direction set
Lack of focus on specifics
Strength 1:
Five members
Four nationalities
Three degree backgrounds
Richness in ideas and opinions
Strength 2:
Agreeableness of the
Peer Evaluation
Asset Turnover
Cumulative Profit
Market Capitalization
Market Share
Stock Price
Year 8 Analysis
Our Future Direction
Have turned a great profit
Getting good margin and ROS
Good cash management
Find the right balance between capacity and product demand
Done a great job for our shareholders
Our vision is to be a cost-price leader in all our market segments and in turn have the highest level of market share in comparison to our competitors.
Actual Strategy Used:
2. Differentiator with PLC Focus
->High End,Traditional & Low End
Competitive Advantage:
->High awareness, excellent design & easy accessibility
-> Penetration Pricing & Cost Price Leader
Reasons for change of Strategy:
Wanted to invest largely into Marketing and R&D
Wasn't enough money to invest into all 5 segments
Year 2 took out an emergency loan
Give more benefits to our workers
Giving economic advancement and improve workers standard of living
Business Capstone
Realistic reflection of the team's ability
Difference between highest and lowest = 1 point
Median score = 3.3/5
Emphasized high expenditure to attain high awareness and accessibility

Significantly reduced spending on sales budget after round 6

Consistently achieved awareness above 65% and accessibility above 95% from year 4
Promotion and Sales
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