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Auteur Study: Baz Luhrmann

No description

Danielle del Prado

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Auteur Study: Baz Luhrmann

Hollywood and Mainstream Cinema
- Born in Sydney in 1962
- Fascinated by movies and
musical theatre
- Wanted to pursue a career in acting, attending National Institute of Dramatic Arts

- Won role in 'Winter Of Our Dreams'
- Gained 'Baz' as a nickname and changed his name to 'Bazmark' in 1979
- Wrote and staged 30 minute version of 'Strictly Ballroom' (1986)
Difficult Love - Strictly Ballroom
Difficult Love - Romeo and Juliet
Difficult Love - Moulin Rouge!
Moulin Rouge!
Romeo and Juliet
The Great Gatsby
-Baz Luhrmann and his wife Catherine Martin have worked on all of his films together
- Together they created the company 'Bazmark Inq'
- Baz Luhrmann has also worked with editor, Jill Bilcock on all of his films
- All produced by 20th Century Fox
- Makes stories with worldwide appeal but stays loyal to his background
- Convinced 20th Century Fox to build a studio here.
- Influenced by his theatre background
- Approached by many studios looking to finance his next film
-Fox was only studio that allowed him to maintain artistic independance
"Luhrmann has a first look deal with Twentieth Century Fox that preserves his creative autonomy."
- Fincina Hopgood
- Baz likes to discuss with the studio and listen to their views but finally follows his own instincts.
- Fox take care of the business side of things, so that he and his wife can take care of the creative process.
- His arrangement with Fox allows him extended development time.
- Favours genre of Romantic Comedy
- Visual and aesthetic style:
-Bright costumes
-Energetic dancing
-Exaggerated performance
- Directional style:
-Fast, rapid-paced editing
-loud melodramatic acting
-bright, vibrant mise-en-scene
-popular contemporary music
- 'Red Curtain Vision'
-devised to actively promote audience participation
-to make audience aware they are watching a movie, not real life.
- Makes audience aware of outcome at start of film:
-Strictly Ballroom: Scott disregards choreography
-Romeo and Juliet: Newscast of lovers found dead
-Moulin Rouge!: Satine coughing up blood
Editing style
- Fast tracking movements
- Extreme close ups
- Independant 'dare to be different' flair to re-invent old style production of Musical Theatre and Vaudeville.
- Distinctive recognisable style
- Follows a theme using
-bright and colourful costuming
-eccentric acting
-fast paced editing
-Reoccurring theme 'Difficult Love'
Bazmark Inq motto and Strictly Ballroom tagline:
"A life lived in fear is a life half lived".
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