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Presentation of Benefits and Procedures of MSBOA

Bryan Mangiavellano

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of MSBOA

MSU - 2000-2004 (BM)
UM - 2007-2010 (MM)

Band Director at Northwest High School (Jackson MI)
To help explain the "ins and outs" of MSBOA and most other state instrumental music associations

To (hopefully) prep you for what you'll encounter in your first job!
Why am I here?
President of District 8
800 Students (class B)
2 Concert Bands
Marching Band
Jazz Band
About Me (and NW)
MSBOA has made me (forced me to be) a better teacher and a better director
"If you want a better band, you need better players"
-Mike Kaufman (my Co-op teacher)
Student Performance Opportunities
Honors Bands and Orchestras

State Level Officers make the "Big" Decisions
All Officers are current directors
State President: Joel Shaner (Jackson High)
State VP - B/O: Kevin Culling (Okemos Chippewa MS)
State Office Staff
They do the "grunt" work
Executive Director: Paul Lichau
State Level
Each District runs it's own functions and has it's own officers
The 16 Districts
Founded in 1934 in Southeastern MI
1936: First Solo/Ensemble Festival is held
1938: First Band Festival is held

Different from many states (many states Instrumental Assoc. is part of the wider Music Ed Assoc.)
"A rating less than "two" is a DIRECTOR's rating."
-John Whitwell (MSU Director of Bands, emeritus AND former Northwest Band Director
Professional Development Opportunities for Directors
Why is the State Organization Important?
Many directors don't participate in MSBOA because of B&O Festival.
Those students miss out on the S&E and All-State experiences
Motivation? For both students and director
Student Growth
Often an excuse, the cost of MSBOA is minimal in comparision with MHSAA

"It's too expensive..."
"Look in the Mirror"
Unbiased judging provides true feedback into your program
Participating in the state organization puts our subject on closer footing with our Michigan Merit tested colleagues
Accountability and Legitimacy
We'll cover three big areas and one small one:
MSBOA Structure
Student Performance Opportunities
Professional Development for Directors
"Seems too hard"
District 8 Officers:
-B/O Festival
Rating System (first division, second division, etc..)
Who Adjudicates?
By School Size
Determines what lit you have to perform
Band and Orchestra Festival!!

District and State Level
Rating Sheet
Coming up... Rubrics???
5 minutes = 1 piece of music
Solo and Ensemble Festivals

By far, the single best thing MSBOA does!
District and State Festivals
MS=2 District Festivals
Rating Sheet
Proficiency Solos
Rating Sheet
Qualifier for MYAF (later)
Jazz Festivals

District Jazz = non-rated
State Jazz = Rated
MYAF Qualifiers
Rating Sheet
State S/E Festivals

Marching Band Festivals

District Level Only
Rating System
not MCBA or Scholastic
3 Rating Sheets:
General Effect
Assorted District Honor Bands/Orchestras

District 8 MS Honors Band
District 4 HS Honors Band and Jazz Band
All-State Band and Orchestra

Rehearses and Performs in January at MMC
5 Groups: HS Band, Orchestra, Jazz. MS B & O
Auditions held in Districts in November
Great Opportunity for Growth
Etude, scales, SR
Michigan Youth Arts Festival

May, WMU
Honors Band and Orchestra
Determined by Proficiency Scores at State S&E
Outstanding Soloists and Small Ensembles
Nominees and Winners
Honors Jazz
Determined by State Jazz Festival
"Informal" PD

Work Assignments
District and State Meetings
Professional Developement
Alternative Styles Day (strings)
Jazz Workshops
Adjudicator Workshops
Michigan Music Conference
MSBOA Sponsors members at discounted rate
Directors and Professionals present
Concerts and clinics
Conducting Symposium
Director Development Days
Sessions, "New Music Reading Sessions", Rehearsal Workshops
Others... see handout


Shamless plug...
-I'm looking for sax and trombone instructors for camp!
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