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5/14 Muscles

No description

Mr. Bowen

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of 5/14 Muscles

Biofresh 5/14
1) How do muscles work?
2) Why is it a problem if a muscle is only attached to one bone?
3) What’s a protein?
4) What are actin, myosin, & titin?
- You will not be released for the Yearbook signing party on Thursday. It is only for non-core classes.
Muscle NOTES 5/14
1) Skeletal muscle

- These are attached to bones
Life Savers
Muscles are organs that generate large movement

Adult humans are usually about 40% muscle by weight.
There are 3 types of muscles:
Make a chart like this: table>insert table> 3x2
Skeletal Muscle Smooth Muscle Cardiac Muscle
1) Skeletal muscle

- Controlled by both conscious thought and not by conscious thought
1) Skeletal muscle

- Skeletal = striated
2) Smooth muscle
- These are found throughout the body:

- around GI tract, blood vessels, eye, on hair, (more…)
2) Smooth muscle

- Not controlled by conscious thought
2) Smooth muscle

- Smooth = not striated
3) Cardiac muscle

- found exclusively in the heart
- Not controlled by conscious thought
3) Cardiac muscle

- Cardiac = half way between striated & non-striated
Proteins of muscles:
Proteins of muscles:
Muscles are full of the proteins Actin, Myosin, & Titin.
Actin: structure

Myosin: grabs and moves the actin
skeletal muscle
Titin: stretches like elastic
(insert some picture if you can!)
Sketch muscle proteins in action!
- Find a suitable image of muscle proteins.

- Images must contain all three proteins: Actin, Myosin, & Titin.

- Color it
How are pearls formed?
- Adrian
1) How do muscles work?
2) Why is it a problem if a muscle is only attached to one bone?
3) What’s a gene?
4) What’s a protein?
5) How are proteins made?
Not review:
6) What are actin, myosin, & titin?
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