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Mechanical Engineering

No description

Mason kobliska

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Mason Kobliska

What they do?
Mechanical Engineers are the people that design and create mechanical devices and vehicles.On average, a mechanical engineer works eight hours. i think this is just perfect because I enjoy designing and i would be able to do that eight hours. Also it isnt to long that i get bored of it, because i could sit and draw for hours at a time, and also seeing something you design become real has a really good feeling.
Characteristics of a person of this career
Being a Mechanical engineer requires being creative and precise with your designs. You also have to have great eyesight which isn't really a problem because i can wear my contacts when i need to. Without mechanical engineers, you wouldn't have most of the stuff you have, maybe all of your stuff. For example,computers, phones, cars, beds, silverware,
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