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The Amazing Human Body

No description

Arthur Ip

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of The Amazing Human Body

The Amazing Human Body Human body is made out of different parts and systems. Skeletal Digestive
System Muscular Lymphatic Endocrine Nervous Cardiovascular Male Reproductive Female Reproductive Urinary Skeletons are the only hard stuff in your body and they help you to keep your skin from turning into a mat. Skeletal system is the system of bones and it protects your lungs, Heart etc. This system helps you to digest all the food you ate. Muscular systems helps you to move how ever you want Lymphatic System is like a train, carrying white blood cells around the whole body fighting bad bacteria. Endocrine is the boss of cells and tells them what to do. The Cardiovascular system is the system that carries blood and cells around the body. Nervous system helps you to send messages to other parts of your body. Male Reproductive system is the system that only males have. It helps you to clear the germs or useless liquid out of your body. The Female reproductive is a system which only females have. The system on the top of your body produces milk for the babies, at the bottom part helps you to flush bad liquid out of your body. The Urinary system helps you to get out useful stuff from the liquid that is ready to come out of our body, its like the last check for good stuff.
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