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Cynthia Torres Prezume

No description

Cynthia Torres

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Cynthia Torres Prezume

Who I am
What I do...
Cynthia Ann Torres
Texas Certified Teacher
Early Childhood - 6th Generalist and ESL
Skills I Can Use Again!
Teaching Experience
star statements
ituation: Describe the setting
ask: Describe the task you needed to accomplish
ction: Describe the action you took and keep the focus on what you did, even if it was a team experience
esult(s): What happened? What did you accomplish? What did you learn?
Saint Mary Magdalene Humble, Texas
2014 - Present
First Grade Teacher
2013 - 2014
Third Grade Teacher
2012 - 2013
Second Grade Teacher
Thanks for reading about me...
Successfully transitioned
Assessed reading levels
using DRA
Employed the reading programs:
Encourage an active learning community
with our parents
Volunteer !
communicate !
Instructed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade curriculum designed and developed programs to meet the individual's
intellectual, emotional, and social needs.

Employed kinesthetic, visual,
and auditory approach to
make lessons interesting
and interactive.
Team Player
Meet Tough Deadlines
Work Closely with
Diverse Population
Document! Document! Document!
communications, meetings, important data...
Keep it to yourself!
Confidentiality Practice
Child Care

people, paper, families
Almost done!
Safety Patrol Sponsor &
1st -8th grade
Spelling Bee
Story Book
Child Advocate
Student Handbook Contributor
Fall & Spring
Cynthia Torres
can get the job done with humor and class!
I love to read!
Mrs. Torres
Welcome back to school!

The best way to find
yourself is to
lose yourself in the
service of others.
_ Mahatma Gandhi
Other Experience
Language Arts
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