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MomarD37436_ Science Unit 1 Matter

A project for science

Momar Diop

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of MomarD37436_ Science Unit 1 Matter

Science Matter By Momar Diop When you heat it becomes it expands slightly and it... Solid Evaporating It goes in a melting phase Liquid Solid What happens when a solid sublimates It becomes a gas(It is rare but dry ice is one way and snow) Most solids melt at
0 to 100 Celsius You evaporate it and the outcome is It has a definite volume, has a an indefinite shape(it changes shape with its container) It has a definite mass, it has a definite volume and a definite shape like me and has no compressibility Gas has an indefinite shape and an indefinite volume so, it's definitely not perfect. A liquid can boil at 100°c and it will do the kukaracha and evaporate slowly while it's heating up more and more it will get faster and start to steam and finally turn into a gas! Freeze which brings us back to The molecules in matter liquid, solid and gas are like so When you heat up a solid the density of the solid will lower and if you heat up a liquid it will become less dense but if you freeze it, it will become more dense. Gas is less dense than liquid because it is on top of the liquid. The volume of a solid can be measured when you when you see how much the mass of the object is then put it in water.The volume of water is measured when put in a measuring cup. A gas' volume can't be measured because it has a indefinite volume and an indefinite shape. No now look below The pressure of a gas change the most and there are two ways that it does that. 1. There is a something over it which is moore dense than the air increasing the pressure.
2. It is moving very fast that the heat is adding pressure.

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Made by Momar
Directed by Momar
Produced by Momar
Edited by Momar
Created by Momar
Prezi help by Kritin The perfect matter is me a human I have blood(liquid) I have bones(solid) I have breath(gas). People are amazing to have that much matter inside us. We don't have Plasma, Beam, and B.E.C which if we had we would be super humans. Beam is technically Plasma that goes in many different directions while Plasma goes in one direction. B.E.C is about negative 273. Yay! I'm Finished. Condensation How the matter looks from the inside. Gas Has a definite mass and
an indefinite shape and an indefinite volume too.
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