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I Am an Interpreter

This Prezi was created for Interpretation Canada, September 2013. Inspired by the work of Pam Aishwarya Murray and the Prezi by Charlotte Noble called This is Anthropology. It was designed for full screen. Constructive comments are appreciated.

Sherry Dangerfield

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of I Am an Interpreter

I Am an Interpreter
I am a member of
Interpretation Canada
I started as an interpreter. Although I now spend a great deal of time with funding applications, I am lucky to still work with the public and share my passion for the environment.
Detail 1
I Am an Interpreter
I Am an Interpreter
I find talented people to work out the details of our grandiose plans to connect people to this remarkable place. There’s a lot of resource finding, evaluation, reporting, marketing and admin work too… but mostly I just make sure they get paid!
I reveal connections, and I reveal how to make connections.
Tom Long
Supervisor, Fort Edmontno Park, AB
Detail 4
Ma passion pour l'histoire me donne comme mission de partager ma culture à l'entremise de la musique, les contes et les chansons traditionnelles tout en jouant le rôle de TiBert le voyageur.

Robert Malo
TiBert le Voyageur, MB tibertlevoyageur.com
Coreen Putman
Helen Schuler Nature Centre
Lethbridge, AB
Rick Stronks
Chief Park Naturalist
Algonquin Provincial Park, ON
Allison Roberts
RLC Park Services
Provincial Parks all over
Vancouver Island, BC
I help people connect to history and heritage on a personal level at the Museum and through social media. I do this by training staff, overseeing large projects like our Youth Council, creating social media content, managing partnerships, planning public & special events, and designing visitor response spaces.

Megan Bocking MA, BFA
Program Manager | Gestionnaire des programmes
Bytown Museum | Musée Bytown
Ottawa, ON
I Am an Interpreter
Outdoor Museum fabricates and installs long-lasting interpretive exhibits in the great outdoors.

Michael O'Brien
Outdoor Museum
I speak for the dead.
Brad Tucker
Alberta Parks, AB
I connect hearts and minds, make the small and insignificant details dance, bring the large landscape view into focus, share stories of a place and a people with passion, and fun, and laughter, and song, and every now and then, some silence.
I encourage interpreters to savor the small victories, knowing that over a career they can add up to a significant impact.
Sam H. Ham, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Department of Conservation Social Sciences
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID
I get people outdoors in the winter, exploring their winter community and most importantly, having fun with each other, despite the weather!

Nicole Klimuk, B.Sc.
Park Interpreter – Regional Parks Services
Environmental Education Centre of the Okanagan
Kelowna, BC

I enjoy taking ideas and artifacts and working them into stories that people will find interesting.
Je m’appelle Roselle Turenne et j’enseigne les techniques d’interprétation aux étudiants inscrit dans le programme de Gestion du Tourisme à l’Université de Saint Boniface. Cette formation assure que les étudiants deviendront des communicateurs passionnés, efficaces et captivants n’importe leur choix de carrière.
Roselle Turenne
Université de Saint Boniface
Saint Boniface, MB
I go by many names ranger, docent, naturalist, animator, enactor, guide, storyteller...
We Are Interpreters!
Nathalie Bays
Operations Manager
Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre, MB
Chuck Lennox
Cascade Interpretive Consulting LLC
Based in Seattle, WA
David McInnes
Typha Communications
Winnipeg, MB
I Am an Interpreter!
Not everyone can be an interpreter! But everyone can benefit from interpretive principles and practices! I spread this gospel to very non-traditional audiences including tourism operators, visitor centre staff, even volunteers at a ski loppet!!
Stephanie Yuill
Public Education Specialist
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Yellowknife, NT
I work with government biologists to help with research and learn about Yukon’s wildlife. Then I take that information and translate it into an interactive program that engages the public in learning about the natural world.
Carrie McClelland
Wildlife Viewing Biologist
Environment Yukon
Whitehorse, YT
I write and tell stories, look for frogs, identify damselfly nymphs, work out the details, coordinate events and volunteers and colleagues. I disseminate ideas, stories, kudos and inspiration.
Heidi Eijgel
Visitor Services Specialist
Alberta Tourism, Parks & Recreation
Pincher Creek, AB
I create opportunities to connect people to their environment when no one is there to do it or when people just want to discover nature in their own way, at their own pace.
I am a teacher! I educate in a non-traditional education setting. I direct staff, create programs and help people connect with their heritage. I develop fun, unique and immersive experiences for children of all ages.
Natalie Zacharewski
Structured Educational Experiences Coordinator
Fort Edmonton Park
Edmonton, AB
My job is to take the amazing work done by scientists throughout time and across the world and transform it into engaging learning moments. I don’t consider my job to be complete if I haven’t answered at least one question by creating ten more.
Mike Jensen, F.R.C.G.S.
Planetarium and Science Gallery Programs Supervisor
Manitoba Museum
Winnipeg, MB
I work with a great team to make Canadian immigration history relevant, accessible and fun. Immigration has had a huge impact on our way of life and on our collective identity as Canadians.
Kristine Kovacevic
Interpretation and Visitor Experience Manager
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
Halifax, NS
I spend much of my time pushing electrons around a computer screen, clearing away the administrivia and making sure that we have the money so that my staff can keep on trying to “save the world” though interpretation.
Jim Robertson
Executive Director of the Waskasoo Environmental Education Society
Red Deer, AB
Debbie Bowles, head cook and bottle washer at Winking Owl Design and Illustration, currently roosts on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC. She sits at drawing board and desk, inspired and distracted by mother nature's constant tap at the window...
I use video and photography to tell stories about the natural and cultural history of Canada. It's important we all have a deep appreciation of, and feeling for, the wonderful inheritance that we have as Canadians.
Patrick McCloskey
McCloskey Productions Inc.
Canmore, AB
I am known as the:
Answer Lady (all questions no matter how silly they seem!);
Question Lady (Watch out..I will sometimes answer a question with a question!);
Keeper of the Key (to flora and fauna identification ...and bathrooms!);
Band-aid Lady - Mender of Scraped elbows and knees;
Friendly Ear;
Starter of Story-telling campfires...and Conversation;
Keeper of Secrets..like did I know that somebody’s ? dog is not supposed to chase chipmunks, but does!;
Assignee of Other Related Duties,
and no matter what they are…I LOVE ALL OF IT!
Janet Doucet
Daly Point Nature Reserve Bathurst, NB
I walk in the footsteps of my ancestors as I interpret 6000 years of plains buffalo culture at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site.
Quinton Crow Shoe
Marketing and Special Events Coordinator
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, AB
I lead teams in championing interpretive renewal for the Nova Scotia Museum sites. I work with stakeholders, partners and community groups to fulfill our responsibilities for interpreting our province’s natural and cultural heritage.
Christine Sykora
Supervisor of Interpretation
Archives, Museums and Libraries
Department of Communities Culture and Heritage
Halifax, NS
After years developing and delivering interpretation and education programs in Alberta Parks, I am now the manager responsible for park operations including visitor services. I am a mentor and advocate for interpretation, regionally and provincially – a good place to be.
Margot Hervieux
Alberta Parks, AB
I train Interpretive/Nature Guides for the outdoor adventure tourism industry.
Ian Pineau
Program Coordinator/Professor
Outdoor Adventure Naturalist Program
Algonquin College, ON
I live to help create a home for the sense of wonder and encourage all to abide there.
Bradley Muir
Heritage Presentation/Mise en valeur du patrimoine
Prince Albert National Park/Parc national de Prince Albert
Waskesiu Lake, SK
I am cultivating a community of interpreters engaged in continuous professional development. This supports innovation and a changing suite of lively, meaningful learning experiences at the special sites that people visit and smaller sites in communities all across Canada.
Sue Ellen Fast
Executive Director
Interpretation Canada
Editor InterpScan
I design and facilitate engaging learning opportunities.
I exhibit, present, challenge others and problem solve with a healthy sense of humour!
Rhoda Klein
Curator, Exhibit and Program Developer
TELUS World of Science
Vancouver, BC
I am the education coordinator at Canada’s most easterly public garden, which includes 110 acres of nature trails, natural areas and flower gardens. I am especially proud of our youth, family and curriculum-linked school programs, offered to the community for over 40 years.
Anne Madden
Education Coordinator
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Botanical Garden
St. John’s, NL
I work in the ecotourism business mostly on large sailing vessels doing week-long trips along the wild coast of British Columbia and Alaska. You might find me humming with slugs, using oven racks to demonstrate how whales hear, twining cedar bark, gumboot dancing, poking about in the intertidal or guiding people as we watch bears and other wildlife.
Sherry Kirkvold
Naturalist at Maple Leaf Adventures, Bluewater Adventures, and Quest Nature Tours
Wild Coast of BC and Alaska and some other far-off places

I connect people with the stories that matter.
Cal Martin
Product Development Advisor
Visitor Experience Branch
Parks Canada
Cornwall, ON
I teach local and regional First Nations, Métis and Inuit history, bringing awareness that it is a major part of CANADA'S HISTORY.
Sharon Morin
Programs Manager
Musée Heritage Museum
St. Albert, AB
Singing songs that inspire and incite love and respect for the other-than-human world is what I do...with the possibility that people will learn and change and make the world a better place for all.
Remy Rodden
I facilitate nature-connection programs for kids - run 100% outdoors, all year round. Through stories, songs, games, primitive skills and free-play, we build emotional and sensory bonds between kids and the natural world.
Dave Verhulst
Nature Connection Mentor
Nature's Tracks Forest Play
Canmore, AB
At Pukaskwa, we love the land and share our passion and knowledge enthusiastically with every visitor. We hope they leave with an increased appreciation and respect for the natural and cultural heritage of Canada and ultimately see the world in a different light.
I let the landscape speak - by developing interpretive plans for sites, parks and natural areas. This sets up the on-site interpreters with objectives and tools to build stewardship connections with visitors and with the regulars from the community.
Will Husby
EcoLeaders Interpretation
Bowen Island, BC
As a graphic designer I organize information in a way that is visually appropriate to the topic being presented while effectively communicating the message and holding the attention of the audience.
Cathy Wickett
Wickett Design
Vancouver, BC
We are an Interior Design firm that specializes in interpretive centres and museums. We design exhibit floor plans, lighting, millwork, electrical, finishes, colours and all the necessary physical components to make storytelling come alive.
Donna Ilago
XYZ Design Inc.
Winnipeg, MB
Trails, interpretive centres, and museums - some of my mediums that tell your stories.
Sherry Dangerfield, MNRM
S. Dangerfield Interpretive Planning
Victoria Beach, MB
I’m a time traveller! I get to re-live, re-think, hear and share local living history with people of all ages!
Pailagi Pandya
Historical Interpreter
Scarborough Museum
Toronto, ON
As principal of Salt Frog I provide research, interpretive planning and writing services in heritage interpretation and environmental education. I am also a part-time park interpreter for Capital Regional District Parks.
Liz Crocker
Salt Frog
Victoria, BC
I enjoy making the shows as interactive as possible, especially getting kids to buckle imaginary seat belts as we fly to Saturn..I love this job!
Shauna Carmichael
Planetarium Animator
Manitoba Museum
Winnipeg, MB
I tell unforgettable stories of death and survival in the Crowsnest Pass where Alberta’s three deadliest disasters unfolded in the unforgiving shadow of Turtle Mountain.
Monica Field
Area Manager
Alberta Culture/Historic Sites
and Museums
Frank Slide Interpretive Centre
Crowsnest Pass, AB
Interprétation signifie relier les gens à notre planèteet les resources qu'elle nous donnes, afin qu'ils puissent favoriser une appréciation pour elle, et aider à garder sain pour les générations à venir.
Minna Goulet
French Interpreter & Naturescape Coordinator
FortWhyte Alive
Winnipeg, MB
"Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place." Rumi
Pam Aishwarya Murray
Milner Gardens and Woodland
Qualicum Beach, BC
Fred Sheppard
Parks Canada, NL
We deliver learning experiences that help people build lifelong connections with the natural world. Our programs, courses, tours, apps, and exhibits explore everything from A to Z – archaeology to Zizania aquatica.
Barbara McKean
Head of Education
Royal Botanical Gardens
Hamilton/Burlington, ON
I help people reconnect with nature by giving them the opportunity to experience the thrill of hearing wild wolves howling.
I help people see the world in a new light.
Sheri Sweet
Central Okanagan Regional Parks Service
Okanagan, BC
Nicole Dupuis
Interpretation Coordinator Officer
Parks Canada
Pukaskwa National Park
Heron Bay, ON
I dress up like a gold-panning superhero, lick the rear-end of ants or generally act like an over-enthusiastic 10 year old. I also train new interpretive staff to inspire Park Visitors to connect with the Natural World around them! The rest of the time…I ask for money.
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