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Peyto Glacier

No description

alex hollinshead

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Peyto Glacier

The Peyto Glacier
-The Peyto Glacier is located in the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park,Alberta Canada
-the Peyto glacier has lost 70% of its mass.
-The Peyto Glacier provides the most direct access to the Peyto hut, a base of both summer and winter mountaineering
Name: Peyto Glacier
Province: Alberta
Location: Banff, National Park
Classification: Outflow Glacier
Altitude: 2140 to 3180 metres above sea level
Area: 12 sq. Km
Thickness: approximately 95 metres
Coordinates: 51 41'N / 116 32'W
Originates at an elevation of 3185 m asl
Tongue is about 2100 m asl
Mean elevation is 2635 m asl
Accessibility: 2 to 3 hour walk from Peyto Lookout off of the Trans Canada Highway
(Ommanney, 2002)
Additional Info
- located 90 km (56 mi) northwest of the town of Banff,
-Between 1896 and 1966, the total volume loss of the Peyto Glacier was 1088.5 x 106m3
By Alex and Dayton/Oct 19,2012
-It contributes flow to two important river catchments: the Mistaya River, with 12% glacier cover, and the North Saskatchewan River basin. It also feeds the Peyto Lake which is 5 km south of the glacier, located between Lake Louise and Jasper.
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