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Teens For Change

No description

Kam Greene

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Teens For Change

Teens For Change
Around the World in 60 Minutes
Who We Are
What We Work Towards
Social Justice
Supporting others

What Is Social Justice?
What is Empowerment?
Gender, nationality, race, religion, height, sexual identification, etc.

Guess What?
Local and Global Support
And Inspire
How do We do It?
Soup Kitchen!
Local Events
Quick Fact
The Amazing
Waste Race
Lights Out Canada
Turning off your lights
No Provinces in Canada use 100% Renewable energy
Started with another Canadian Youth who was inspired.
Global Warming is a Problem
Cake Auction
Raises money for our adopted village
Fair Trade Market
10,000 Villages
No “middleman”
Fair Profit
Local Businesses Invited

Water Walk
3,000 Children die everyday due to unsanitary water diseases.

We Are Silent
We speak out for the,
Ones who are denied education
Child Laborers

What is Free The Children
Free the Children

Started with a child, who took a stand against child labour.
Free the children from:
The notion of being powerless

The Adopt A Village Campaign
5 Pillar Model
Sierra Leone
What Makes Adopt a Village Different?
Not Handouts
Communities keep improving
5 year sustainability

Have You Noticed a Pattern?
A lot of the events we hold are based around the 5 pillar model. Once we raise enough money, all 5 pillars can be filled.
Big Ambitions?
Let's Dance!
We Day!
Inspired in Calgary
Inviting schools in Fort Mc Murray
Local musicians, speakers, leaders.

“All young people have the power to be the change.”
Sock Toss For Center of Hope
At the northern Kickoff Football Game, people in the stands will throw socks onto the field for the homeless in our community.
Kind of like this
Why do We Want to Host Those Events?
Inspires community Members
Benefits the community

“Be the Change you wish to see in the world”

Me to We Trips
First year member
Why is this the best decision I have made?
Plan to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award
Selected to present here!
Being a leader
Role model

Denna Reasoning
To see the impact of the social issues Teens for Change works to improve.
Learning belief; classroom vs reality
Expand my knowledge
Leadership Skills

What Will I be Doing
Building a school
Hiking in the Amazon rainforest
Visiting a local market
Learning about issues affecting the community.

Our Achievements
Encourage your schools to create their own social justice group!
Encourages better decisions
Makes a difference!
Youth Volunteer Trip
My Trip Continued
My Inspiration
Mitchell inspired me to join Me to We, after I heard him talk about his trip to Kenya, and all of the amazing things him and Teens For Change have been doing!
Ecuador Village
We will also have the opportunity to visit our second adopted village in Ecuador.

What is Equality?
Bake Sale and Lunch for disaster relief
Advanced Facilitation Training
We Bake for Change
We are Silent
We are Rafiki's
We Scare Hunger

Started with a child, who took a stand against child labour.
Free the children from:
The notion of being powerless
11 year war
All schools, most homes, majority of health centers.
Low on
United Nations Human Development Index.
1 teacher for 67 students
10% attendance
Not Handouts
Communities keep improving
5 year sustainability
What Makes Adopt a Village Different?
International Organization,
founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger.
Partnership with Holy Trinity
Educate, engage, and empower youth.
"Those who believe in democracy, liberty, or freedom; must support equality. Those who believe in truth, justice or love; already do"
Became an Adopt a Village in 2008
Over 300,000 child labourers
29% of Population below the Poverty Line
School house for 1-7, but up to 9 is mandatory.
San Miguel- Indigenous community
Help others
Inspire and make a difference
Northern Lights Health Foundation
Assistant Coach U6 and U8 Soccer
Musical Theater
3 Instruments +1
Club Unlabeled and Student Council
Leader is someone who makes a difference.
Soup kitchen
Volunteering at the local haunted house
Amazing Waste Race
Working part-time at Save-on-Foods
Trained with female olympic hockey players.
Volunteered with United Way
Planing to volunteer at the local SPCA
Global Citizenship Award 2014
Denna Flett

-A member of both student council and Me to We since 7th grade
-Work at a recreational facility in the aquatics department
-Girl Guides 10 years
-Trade show

How Jason & Tina inspired me
Bringing back that knowledge to Teens for Change
Ecuador for 2 days, and a small community in the Amazon for 13 days.
Women's rights, rural access to education & indigenous rights, community way of life
My Upcoming Trip
15 years old
Outside of Teens for Change
Honor student, singing/guitar, competitions
Divorced parents
Student Leader
Teens For Change
Mitchell Mulhall
What It Means To Be A Leader
- Hardworking
- Motivated
- Inclusive/Accepting
- Thought provoking
- Lead by example
Within the Community
- Minor Hockey Referee
- Soup Kitchen
- Competitive Swimmer
- Lifeguard/Instructor
- Swim Club Coach
Within the School
- Student Council
- Band
- School Sports
- Theatre
- Mwangaza, Kenya
- Building days, water walk, playing with children, healthcare visit, safari
- Realizing what is important in my life

- Baseball Umpire
- This summer
- Arizona
- Hopes to facilitate in the future
- Five Pillars
- Inspired me to do more
- Valuing things more, conscious decisions
- Honors with Distinction
- Leadership
- Performing Arts
- Stars of Alberta
- Valedictorian
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