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The Disadvantages of Fast Food

No description

sarip sigaraga

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of The Disadvantages of Fast Food

The Disadvantages
Fast Food

Step 1
Lead to Obesity
State of being grossly fat or overweight
Contains high levels of sugar and fat
Excess eating habits can replace healthy eating habits
Imbalance in the daily eating schedule
People live nearby have higher tendency to be obese
Lack of Family Gathering
A situation when all family members come to sit huddled together
Make people eat on the go
Do not have time to sit and relax
Spend less and less time together
Does not provide family members opportunity to set and eat at one place
A place to hang out with friends and peers for youngsters
Waste of Money
Money spent is inadequate return
Amount of money spent is high to purchase fast food
People will still buy it even if the price is expensive
They rather buy it in order to simplify themselves
Low income can hardly afford it continuously
The price is a little expensive and limit their spending in a day
Muhammad Zharif bin Zainudin

What Is It?
Prepared and served quickly
Form of packaged for take-out or take-away
Convenient and easier way to get
Important to limit how often you eat at them
Can lead to obesity, lack of family gathering and waste of money
An invention of the modern times
Like a blessing after a hard day's work
We should not overuse fast food
Everyone should address this issue
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