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Culture of the West Indies

Spring Break 2010

kayla cockerham

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Culture of the West Indies

Ok first day - the only way
to get to the enormous ship
was by plane...I have flown
only twice...no big deal...
then we hit huge turbulance
that shakes the entire plane.
Freaking out a little, since
the Captain tells us "we're
dropping a couple hundred feet
to get into some smooth air."
Needless to say, plane rides
are officially more nerve
racking now. Once we arrive,
it's raining and
yet it's still
40 degrees warmer
than Boone!! Once we're through
security and all the
checkins, some ofus
decide to explore Old
San Juan.Lucky for us
Davy's Spanish skills
saved us when talking
to the taxi driver. Our first intentions
were to find some food.
However, it turned into
exploring the whole town.
In the process we saw some
beautiful artwork and
buildings. When dinner time came
around, it was the most
fanciest setting I have
ever been in. We had the
coolest waiters that told
random jokes and picked
around with us. The food was absolutely
wonderful! I was able to
try lots new food that was
incredible! (Lobster tails!
yumm!) Also, they had great
deserts, some I have never
heard of like the baked
Alaska. The staff did a great
job presenting the food as well. Later after dinner
it was time for take
off! Aparently the boat
has a very loud horn
they sound when they
leave the dock. It
definately caught me off
guard. It was really
amamzing to watch the
boat get further and
further away from the
island. St. Thomas Waking up and being
on a completely different
island was so amazing!
Duncan, Alex and I went
to Emerald Beach. I have never seen
ocean water that
was so clear and
calm! It was so
gorgeous!!! Before
we left to go the
sun was not really
out so we(Duncan & I)
put very little sun
block on. I had
intentions to put more
on at the beach but
the excitment of being
on an island at the
beach made us forget...
thus after enjoying
ourselves, we became a
little redder. While we were
in the water
we saw some fish
that decided to
come join us.
Well, being the
large humans we
are, the little
fish swam too
close which made
us move closer &
closer to the shore,
and eventually had
us out on the shore.
Yes, we're really
brave! On the ride to the
beach, the taxi driver
was telling us that he
would not get in the
water, which at first
it sounded kind of odd.
He went on to explain
that it was too cold
for him. We laughed!
And told him we were
coming from snow and it
was so warm here. When we returned to the boat,
we decided to part. They wanted
a nap & I wanted to explore the
port area. I took lots of pictures
of random things going on around
the place. There was tour guides
going on with smaller motor boats,
a huge windmill looking bar, small
shopping staions with St. Thomas
paraphernalia, and lots of sunshine!
After a while I ran
into Duncan & Alex
again. Duncan pointed
one key object I had
been overlooking the
whole time - iguanas!
They were all over
the rocks by the water.
Some looked smooth while
a few had huge spikes
coming out all over them. This night was formal
night. Everyone looked
so spiffy in their tuxes
and dress. Dean Pelto and
Scott were going for the
look alike with the white
suits. Before we left the beach
we drew SPSB in the sand
and Alex drew double
seconds in the sand.
We had to make the picture
quick because while the waves
were calm, they came very far
up the shore and washed away
our drawings so many times. Every morning we
awoke to the
Captain telling us
where we were & the
weather conditions. Yeah so I do know
that in cars I can
get motion sick easily,
but I was not sure about
being on a boat. I was
fine to start with. Once
the boat was moving I
could tell that walking
was a little tricky, but
I seemed fine. We walked
around to several lounges,
went and found different
groups of us, and I was ok.
As we went to get our last
member who was taking a nap,
I happened to get still. Then
I realized that I was not
moving but everything else was
which my body was not used to.
Well, my night ended there. Along the port stores
I saw a mini fake Steel
Drum with little wooden
mallets. Just out of
curiosity I asked the lady
if she had any mallets or
knew where I could get some.
She had no idea what I was
talking about. Her words were
"what you mean steel drum?"
I expained that I was looking for
actual Steel Drum Mallets.
Still no idea. I showed her
the mini pan she had and asked
if she had the real thing.
Nope! No idea. I gave up. I did find out later
that I did use some
sun block...however,
I managed to only put
it on the top of my
shoulders which left
an odd tan shape! The rest of the night was
filled with hot tubs & ping
pong. Ping pong really was
just a battle to see who
could lose the ball first.
Casey and I both managed
to lose ours in the ceiling.
The top floor had hot tubs that we went for
at first, but so did everyone else on the
boat. After wondering around we found other
pools and hot tubs at the ends of the boat. Tortola Today Colon almost gets left.
He holds up the entire excursion.
We are cramed into a bus and shuttled
up twisted roads to a beautiful beach.
Along the way we saw several homes and
people going about their lives. Some
of the homes were nice but most seemed
runned down. There was animals along
the side of the road as well. On the way back we had a gorgeous
view of the beach as we drove away.
Oh yeah and the buses we rode in
each had their own unique designs
painted on the sides. As we were
heading back up the hill, one of
Davy's shoes fell off and the
driver was nice enough to stop and
let him get it. Being able to get a picture of
everyone together was nice.
The band kind of adopted a dog
that was there who managed to
get in all the pics.
Hanging out in the water was nice,
but not as warm as the water was in
St. Thomas. It was not exactly the
best beach day, but we still had fun.
We found a coconut and were determined to open it. I did try the
inside part, but still do not like
coconut. Then watching Jason and Colon climbing the tree to get another one was entertaining. Jason was pretty scratched up, but Florence
cracked the coconut open in one wack! While we were out in the water we
some sort of fish called Tarpins.
They were everywhere but never came
close to us. Pelicans did though.
They were flying close by as we watched
them swoop down and eat the Tarpins. Around the beach area there must
have been a school getting out
for lunch. I saw some little girls
it a school uniform walking around.
I was not expecting to see them in
uniforms for some reason but they
were. The people in charge of the
excursion also gave us a ticket to
get a free cookie and water, which
was very kind of them, but I have
no idea what kind of cookie it was. After we returned to the port we had
just enough time to go to a place called
the Bat Cave. The waiter was very nice and
we could see another side of the port for
smaller boats. I got to watch a pretty large
sail boat dock which was crazy! I do not know how they do it. They just seemed like
it was a piece of cake to just guide the boat into this tiny hole between other ones. Later than night we went to a
hypnotist. Colon volunteered to
go up on stage. He did a splended
acting job! I have never been hypnotised but Colon said he was very
relaxed but he was just acting the whole time. Oh well. It was fun to watch anyways. Antigua Today was so exciting because
as soon as we got off the boat
we immediately came to a hault
as we heard a Steel Band play.
They were called Hell's Gate
Steel Orchestra. We were so
overwhelmed that nothing else
mattered. We could have stayed
there all day. We did get to talk
to them and we told them we were
a Steel Band too which they found
pretty cool and they let us look
around at their pans. Alex did get
to try out the tenor but their pans
were set up differently than ours.
Still, the day was starting out in
the most awesome way! So today we had a big group traveling together and we wanted to go to a beach. The taxi driver was telling us that the beaches around the place would cost taxi fare plus $15 to just enter the beach. We did not exactly know whether or not to believe him so Duncan went and asked other drivers if it was true. Apparently it was and they were kind of irritatetd that we did not believe the guy. Everyone on these islands bargin so much and try to sell so many thing to you. We literally had two drivers fighting over us. They followed us everywhere we went, even into the stores, which was getting a bit annoying. We just wanted to shop a little but couldn't for all the hustling. Eventually we gave up and went with one of the guys. Driving around with this guy
was sketch as could be. First
off we drove thirty min to away
to the beach were we had to stop
and get gas. At that stop it seemed
like the driver was arguing with the
lady running the gas station. Then
out of no where the driver would stop
and start talking, more like yelling,
to people on the side of the road
working on stuff in their yards. It
just happened that our driver liked to
talk to people with machetes. Lovely! Once we finally arrived at the
beach we were quickly introduced
to a Mr. "Cash Money." Interesting
guy that was trying his hardest to
sell us stuff. Jetskis, snorkeling
gear, plus other miscellaneous things.
Several members did go snorkeling and
saw lots of colorful fish. Alex and I
walked around looking into the different
shops but most of the stuff people were
selling looked similar to everything
else they were selling tourist. There
were some women trying to braid our hair.
Yeah...that did not happen. While riding back to the boat
we found out that the houses
on the islands looked so rough
because there was a tax for a
complete house, and if your house
was not complete or not painted
you were exempt from the tax. Our
driver told us that you would be
suprised to see the insides of the
houses because they are really nice,
it's just the outside that looks
so bad to keep from paying the tax. Tonight on the boat they had I think
it was called "Caribbean Night" or something
like that. They played music, gave out ribbons
to through, had a conga line, and was lots of
fun! Of course we jumped right in front of the
people to follow along with what the leaders were
telling us to dance to. And of course we were the
craziest - got to love Steel Band! The rest of the
evening was spent
chilling at the
Skywalker Lounge.
Our group took up
a whole section in
the corner right
where the windows
would let you see
off the side of
the boat into the
water. Crazy view!
We also found out
that some people
are wierd stalkers
and do not understand
go away. Oh well. All
was good and Duncan
told the guy off the
next day! St. Lucia Ok so this place
was a totally
different story!
We got off the boat
specifically to find
bananas to pick off
a tree. The whole
45 min we were off
the boat felt kind
sketch as could be.
It was like you could
feel people watching
you. Not exactly the
best feeling but we
stayed together as a
big group and made it
safely back. While we were off
we found a fruit
stand. A fruit stand,
right. The guys had
one plastic cup of
mixed fruit that had
been there for who know
how long. Needless to
say he was not really
selling fruit. Moving on. In the end we found a
grocery store, defeating
the purpose, and bought
some bananas. While looking
through the store we saw
many unique items you don't
normally see in the US. We hurried back to the boat
after that and relaxed on the
deck. On thetop deck where the
pools were they had a big screen
they played movies on all day.
So watching a movie and sun bathing
was nice after our eventfull morning. After dinner we preceeded
to the "adult" hypnotist
show where Duncan, Davy,
Florence got "hypnotised."
It was mostly the same act
with a few adjustments here
and there. Afterwards we
continued the night in the
Skywalker which became our
main meeting/hanging place
for the rest of the trip. Welcome to Barbados! Barbados was by far
the best island as far
as having fun and enjoying
ourselves. The beach itself
was very rocky though unlike
the previous ones that had
smooth sand. This island is
known for their coral so the
rockiness would make sense. We relaxed in the water
for a while then an older
local man came by with a
jet ski. Of course we wanted
to but they are so expensive.
However, we were able to talk
them down to $10 a person for
15 min! I have rode on the back
of one before but never driven.
So the guy gave a quick lesson
and let me take off. I could not
believe how much fun it was. I
would hit the waves and come completely out of my seat. It was
like the whole thing bounced up
sending me up with it! LOVED IT!
Alex and I were walking
around the island later
and some guys offered to
give us a ride on their
Love Boat! We politely
told them thanks but no
thanks and moved on quickly. This island was great!
Everyone had a ball, got
some sun, and just relaxed.
Florence and I did manage to
buy a necklace from some guy
peddling out of a broken down
breifcase. He would not go away
so we decided to buy something
small and he would leave. It was the last formal
night and we decided that
Matt needed a new look. He
was very patient enough to
let us paint his finger nails
and toe nails! We only forgot
that we had nothing to remove
it with so he spent some time
scraping it off later. After dinner Kuldeep, Casey,
Diana, Matt and I watch a movie
on the deck then went and ate
some food at the cafeteria that
was open late! AT SEA ALL DAY Other than getting some pretty
pictures of the water and random
things on the boat, nothing at all
went on today. I did find out that
the Dramamine I had been taking all
week was not the non drowsy kind.
That explained a lot. I had been
fighting so hard at dinner(after I
took it) to stay awake. I thought it
was just the rocking of the boat.
Nope my medicne put me to sleep, and
I slept a lot today, then ordered
room service with Alex and Duncan. At supper they brought
in a parade of Baked Alaska!
I had no idea what that was but
it was unbelievable. Our waiters
took pictures with us and wished
us well. Then Florence bought
everyone at our table coffee.
I got a cappuccino. It was good
after I added about 10 packets
of sugar. The rest of the night
we relaxed and packed
up our stuff ready to head
off for the airport tomorrow.
Puerto Rico Spring Break 2010 The awesome bus! Steel band
but no
one was
there. This was a wonderful trip
and experience!
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