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Call me, Maybe...LLAMA Mentoring

No description

Kat Barden

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Call me, Maybe...LLAMA Mentoring

Library School (MLS/MLIS) Lifelong learning Idenitfy
the challenges Reachout to your professional community Successful
Outcomes Appointment/Position Position Description
Professional Goals
Parent organization expectations
Resources available
Service to the larger community
MOBIUS committees
ALA committees library school
volunteer at MOBIUS
interview & get the job Conferences
Professional memberships
Publications and publishing
Mentors You, the librarian "Circulation"
Benefit to librarian,
parent organization Resources and resourcefulness orient yourself to your context
unpack the skills and information
from coursework
enumerate the challenges
get help from an outside source http://www.ala.org/llama/llama-mentoring-program Mentoring through LLAMA Library Leadership and Management Association
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