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Untitled Prezi

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Elizabeth Muñoz

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Visiting places
Do you know Batman, Superman or Spider man? Do you know that they are comic strip characters?

In this activity you will write a comic strip using tourist information. Besides, you will appreciate the history and culture of different countries.

Let's be original and creative!
In this activity you will design a comic strip using places in the world you would like to visit.
1. Go to
2. Register (free account)
3. Create a username and write your e-mail
4. A password will be sent to your e-mail
5. Get the password and log in
6. After login in, go to 'make a comic'
7. Select your scene and your characters
8. Write the narration and the dialogues.
9. Create a title for your comic strip
10. Now your comic is ready, then save!

Once you finish your comic strip, post the link in:


Next class we will see your comic strips and comment them.

Have fun!
1. Choose a country, city or
famous place.
2. Think about different places
to visit in the city or country
and activities to do.
3. Imagine 2 characters
4. Create a short and simple dialogue using
the places and the activities.
5. Create a comic strip (Follow the tutorial)

Include important information of the place
Write simple and short dialogues
Choose any place that you want.
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