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Confessions of an Economic Hitman

No description


on 4 February 2019

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Transcript of Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Neo = new
Colonialism – A country establishes settlements in foreign countries that serve the home country
Neocolonialism - domination of a weak country by a large or strong one using economic and political pressure instead of military dominance
Often using banking, loans and debt
And black operations
Confessions of an Economic
Hit Man

Author: John Perkins 2004
Worked as an economic hitman for a major electrical engineering firm: MAIN
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
There is a global corporate empire
How it Works
1st – Identify Country with Resources
Offer to DEVELOP the country's infrastructure: (roads/electricity/cities/industry)
Promise impossible profits
2nd – Loan Money
World Bank or IMF (International Monetary Fund) give the loans
Goes straight to corporations that are building
Money Never Goes Directly to Country
Select leaders and families profit
Corporations in for life
Poorer population severely harmed
Debt / dams / lose land-homes / attacked
3rd – Country Develops
Fake economic figures promised more money
4th – Country Can’t Pay Debts
Give resources super cheap to US corporations
Allow military bases
Vote with US in next United Nations vote
5th – Country Must Pay
If the country does not take out loans…
The Jackals come
Assassinate the country's leader
Overthrow the government using Black Ops
Cause riots, revolutions, military coups (take overs)
Send in mercenaries or start civil war
6th - What if Economic Hit Men Fail?
Send in the US military
Destroy and Occupy Country
7th - What if the Jackals Fail?
Corporations get major contracts to rebuild
Many affected by neocolonialism fight back
Cannot fight a military war and use terrorism
Blowback – CIA Definition:  
the unintended consequence of foreign operations that were deliberately kept secret from the American public
8th – Terrorism & Blowback
Corporatocracy – a system of government that serves the interests of, or is run by, major corporations
Revolving Door
Government employees come from major corporations
Politicians come from or receive major donations from corporations
Many politicians are offered jobs managing or lobbying for corporations
Government and corporations work closely to defend and expand major corporate interests and resources
Perkins and his writing has attracted criticism. I encourage you to read the book and the criticism to develop your own opinions.
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