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Online User Conversion

No description

Pratima Rao

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Online User Conversion

Current Online Scenario
Google Search on 'Join Company'
First 5 results
Search Keyword: Join 'Company Name'
Problems of Current Search Results
Google search on 'Company Name'
Search Keyword: 'Company Name'
Relevant Sub-menus
Provides consultant details of the customer's region
Log-in link to the internal business portal
Link to the Facebook page
Sub-menus not demarcated prominently
Chances of an Internet user finding pages relevant to the company is higher for Amway, Oriflame than Tupperware

Search results of Tupperware within the first five results, dilutes the number of hits to the web-site

Current form used to capture the details of customers interested to join/buy Tupperware is too lengthy

Details of the customers reaches the Head Office 1 week late and in-turn to the DB through sales office 1 month late

There is no clarity on how a customer can buy Tupperware for customers filling up the
Contact Us
page on Tupperware website unlike Amway & Oriflame

There is no tracking mechanism to check what the DBs have done with the customer information provided to them
Observations of 'Join Company' Screen
Amway has a 'Buy Products' tab within the same page
Oriflame provides clear details of what to expect upon joining
Oriflame has the form asking for the customer's details in the same page providing opportunity details
All of them have pages explaining the opportunity of joining the business

They have separate form for the customer to fill in their relevant details
Amway has a message stating that their consultant will get in touch with the customer shortly based on the filled in details
Has link of finding out the details of the nearest Distributor in the same page where the customer fills in her data
Step 1: Make Google search more efficient
Improve the Google Search Results through SEO to obtain a better hit ratio on our web-site

Display the relevant Distributors under the main website's search result (like Oriflame)

Show the important sub-menus under the main menu to create awareness among the customers

Step 2: Make the form 'action oriented'
Make the form shorter, asking the customer to:
Select if she is interested in
Buying Tupperware
Joining Business
Select the State, City and Area
Enter her Name and Phone Number
A sample screenshot of the proposed screen is provided below:

Upon submitting this information
A list of all the managers active in the area is shown to the customer
It is captured in Web-DMIS and the details of this customer will be readily available the DBs and Sales Team of the relevant regions
Step 3: The Last Mile: Web-DMIS
To track the action taken upon the customer's information
A module will be provided to the Distributors to update the action
A tracking report will be available to the sales-team to check if the status of action taken against a particular customer has been updated
Online User Conversion
First 5 results are
First 4 results are
First 3 results are
Reasons for Dis-satisfaction in Direct Selling
By making Online search more effective- we will be curbing this major pain area
Though we are successful in WOM publicity, not enough attention is being paid to Internet related promotion
Detailed research report of these findings
Facebook page is shown as 5th Result-page has > 1million likes
Online Strategy
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