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No description

Emily Su

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of GMO

Ethical Implications
Should humans be allowed to create new organisms?
Are crops still considered vegetation if they have animal genes?
Should we stop making GMOs even if they could be helping people's health?
Cost of GMOs
According to modernfarmer.com, 1-acre of GMO corn produced versus a non-GMO corn would cost roughly $80 more.
GMOs by Anna Chen, Hanna Kotesova, Seko Li, Emily Su
Pros of GMOs
Better tasting food and more nutritious
Faster and more food production
Materials for plant growth reduced - pesticides, water, fertilizer
Less need of tillage and plowing reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Cons of GMOs
Examples of GMO Use
- enhance food items
- treatment for diseases and cancer
Scientific research
- help scientists study organisms and detect environmental toxins
Tools and Process of Creating GMOs
1. Identify the DNA/gene wanted

2. DNA extraction

3. Cutting DNA using restriction enzymes

4. Gel electrophoresis

5. Reading DNA sequence

6. Making of recombinant DNA (rDNA)

7. Make copies using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of a specific gene if desired
2014 GMO Bill
Many states tried to pass a bill to label GMOs, California opposed labeling
93% of Americans want GMOs to be labeled
Proposed federal bill
companies did
have to label products
consumers were no longer permitted to propose ideas concerning this issue
Future of GMOs
Several protesters
GMOs survives severe weather conditions
GMO production could be the end to world hunger
Golden Rice -- helpful, but not supported
Allergy rate is going up
No labeling - consumers don't know what they're eating and don't get to choose
Bad health effects - long term COULD harm organs such as liver, heart, kidneys
Difficulty preventing cross-contamination
Organism harm could lead to a lower biodiversity
Stanley Cohen, Paul Berg, and Herbert Boyer
found a way to manipulate bacteria into producing a different protein
First Use:
"Flavr Savr" tomato
longer shelf life
How has it changed:
more extensive amount of our edibles are being modified

As of now, genetically modified crops are still not being labeled in about 48 states.
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Gel Electrophoresis
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