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shreya shankar

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

-The Annual Symposium
Evolute 14 is a technical congregation aimed to promote, showcase and reward the technological developments taking place in this rapidly changing world. We aim to build a conduit between the academia and the industry. We wish to recreate the magic of mathematics, solving its mystery in various forms. It's time to think, discover and create!

Truly , an occasion to celebrate the spirit of knowledge.
Magic and Mystery of Mathematics
Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics
DTU Student Chapter
1. Smt. Sunita Sanghi : Adviser (LEM and Minorities)

2. Dr. Satinder Bhatia: Professor and Chairperson, IIFT

3. Prof. Prabal Roy Chowdhury : Professor, ISI- Delhi

4. Mr. Naveen Jain : CEO, Transorg

5. Dr. S. Dharmaraja : Professor , IIT Delhi

1. Paper Presentation
Theme : Quantitative Finance and Applied Mathematics
2. Cryptex: The Cryptology event
3. Conscocenza: The General Quizzing Event
4. Progetto: The Case Studies
5. Earn-to-Bid : Finance Quiz and Policy bidding
SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is an international community that fosters the development of applied mathematics and computational methodologies needed in various application areas.
SIAM aims to build an international platform to share various research works, ideas and innovations in the field of applied mathematics.

The magic of mathematics has enchanted the human era since time immemorial. Many scientists and mathematicians have spent their entire lives unraveling the mystery of various mathematical concepts. And yet, mathematics still has an infinite scope for more. We celebrate the vastness of mathematics in the universe at Evolute 14.
Started in Philadelphia in 1951, SIAM now has over 13000 members, which includes engineers, scientists, industrial mathematicians as well as applied mathematicians.
It has more than 400 member institutions.
SIAM DTU student chapter is an initiative to implement the vision of SIAM at an undergraduate level.
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