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Wright Brothers

No description

Leila Hibbard

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Wright Brothers

The Wright Family
Have you ever wondered that did anyone helped the Wright brothers?Actually, there were 7 kids in the Wright family, Wright brother's younger sister, Katharine and their older brother Lorin had joined the Wright brothers. Katharine Wright finished the college, She got her teaching job from Oberlin college. when she's on
, Orville got seriously injured.
Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers
Fun Fact
Kitty Hawk NC was
where the Wright bothers
flew their first plane/glider.

1.) Big Screen
2.) Title page
3.) Contents
4.) Pictures with Captions
5.) The Wright Family
6.) The Wright Brothers And The Plane
7.) Timeline l (10.) Glossary
8.) True Fact l
9.) Fun Fact l



She nursed Orville back to health,
went to joined their brother Wilbur. Katharine
was made of an officer of the Wright Company.
Hart ville college, and became a
carpet store bookkeeper. Then he went to work for Wright brothers in a print shop and helped
Wright Cycle Company
while their bothers were in NC. Lorin
WB at Kitty Hawk where he took photos
of their gliding experiments. When Wright brothers needed a large place, Lorin gave them his barn.
The Wright brothers and the plane
This is the plane that was built
by the Wright Brothers...
Pictures with Captions...
True Fact ! !

Everyone knows 1903, December
17, the day Wright brothers made a plane which flew 59 seconds in NC. That's the first free, controlled flight of a power driven. This is amazing, but it's not
by all. So Wilbur started to sell his plane in France for officials, journalists and statesmen. 1909 Katharine and Orville had came to Europe to joined him, Wright brothers became wealthy businessmen .
Did you know? Wright brothers
love fly that much is because
when they are just little boys their father-Milton Wright had gave them a toy helicopter. When the Wright brothers received the helicopter they became interested in flying things.
Actually, the first thing the Wright brothers made that can fly was a kite, because Wright brothers didn't have place that's big enough.
This kite was the first flying
thing Wright brothers had

Attended: participate
Appreciated: praise
Duty: obligation
Manage: operating
Visited: interview

By: Elaine Deng

1828-1848: Milton Wright and Susan Koerner born, Milton Wright joined the church.
1849-1869: Milton Wright and Susan Koerner married, Reuchlin , Lorin, Wilbur Wright born.
1870-1890: Otis, Ida, Orville and Katharine Wright born.
1891-1911: Reuchlin and Lorin Wright married, Wright brothers flew their kite.
1912-1942: Wilbur Wright died, Katharine married, Milton, Reuchlin, Lorin, Katharine Wright died.
1943-1953: Orville Wright died.
This is the map of Kitty Hawk, NC,
which is the first place Wright
brothers flew their flight. It has
really strong wind.
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