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Marine Corps


Shane Hendrix

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Marine Corps

Marine Corps Leadership is Based on Character
- Loyalty
- Integrity
- Courage
- Tact
Developing these "traits" builds respect among Marines
- Dependability
- Unselfishness
- Initiative
- Enthusiasm
Makes you a more effective leader as you move up through the ranks
Leadership Principles
Know yourself and seek self improvement
Develop a sense of responsibility among your subordinates
Set the example
Train your Marines as a team
Know your Marines and look out for their welfare
A high level of responsibility and initiative is required of ALL Marines... right from the start
You must learn how to be a good follower AND a strong leader simultaneously
DIs put recruits in charge of various tasks/challenges
Earning the respect of your fellow Marines is key
Effective leadership in the M.C. is DO or DIE... Can mean the difference between life or death in combat
No stronger example of
effective teamwork
than in the Marine Corps
We live together, work together, train together, and fight together (Brotherhood)

Teamwork allows you to accomplish tasks or
missions that may be difficult or
impossible as an individual
- This allows us to accomplish tasks and missions that would be impossible for an individual
- This allows us to accomplish tasks and missions that would be impossible for an individual
sets the tone... He/she must inspire, motivate, and delegate to bring team together
"Train Your Employees as a Team"
Set Goals !!
The Marine Corps Always Has One Goal...
"Mission Accomplishment"
However, the manner in which we meet this goal is left up to individual Marines
We are simply given the "What and When"...
the "How"
This allows Marines to make their own decisions... builds initiative and responsibility

Clear Goals Provide More Than Just Direction and Focus
Focusing on
builds personal responsibility and eliminates micro-managing
Allows employees to delegate, earn respect from the team, and develop their own leadership skills
Plus, we all have our own way of thinking/handling tasks (Myers Briggs)
"Train Your Employees with
a Sense of Responsibility"
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